Costume :The Bug
Source :Brink
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Bug Mask with Eel Top

The Eel Jacket

The Bug 01

The Bug 02


Costume Information

My favourite costume from Brink.
I pretty much fell in love with this costume when I first saw the trailer.

Will hopefully have this done ready for Midlands Expo in Feb. I will definitely have it finished by the End of March because I'm planning a mega photoshoot using this and The Anger in Late Spring 2012

EDIT - 2/4/14:
I am knocking this costume back to "planned" as I haven't looked at it in a while, and haven't worked on it for even longer.
I do still have plans to build this costume, but not in the forseeable future.

EDIT 27/7/14 - I think I've come up with a practical way to sort out the top, so I'm moving this back to In Progress. I will be contacting a few mask builders regarding having the mask commissioned, and seeing how that goes....


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Never thought I'd see a Brink cosplay ^^ Good luck with this :D look forward to seeing progress

by Taldur on Sunday, 8 January, 2012 - 16:39

It's a very complicated costume. But I'm sure you could do a great job. Come on!

by SanjiDeb on Thursday, 7 June, 2012 - 10:38


Mask Update (Posted 5th May 2013)

Ok, so after looking at the damaged mask properly, I've decided not to build it myself.
At the end of the day, sculpting just isn't my forte....

So, I've been in contact with the guys at 4th Wall Design, and have been given a reasonable quote for having them build the mask for me.
To be honest, I'd probably end up spending nearly what they're quoting with trial and error to build it myself.

I'll be aiming to have the mask for the end of summer, but we'll have to see how my money works out....

The Eel Jacket (Posted 5th November 2012)

So, I've been looking at The Bug's jacket for a while, and wondering to myself "How the hell are we going to build this".....

....But then, as I was playing Brink today, I noticed that the Resistance's operative in Security was wearing The Bug's Mask with The Eel's top. Now, I don't know if this is random spawning of clothes, since I don't normally pay attention to the cut-scenes once I've watched them the first time.
Either way, The Eel's jacket should be a much easier one to build, and in my opinion looks just as good....

Mask Issues (Posted 15th October 2012)

During my recent flat move, my Mask was damaged. I'm not sure if it's because the clay has dried out, or if it was knocked one too many times during the move, but it's ended up in about 3-4 pieces.

I will be repairing/rebuilding it once Expo is out of the way.

Guns Found (Posted 15th October 2012)

I've found a nice pair of handguns to use with this costume at one of my local Poundshops.

They're not accurate to the Trailer, which is what I'm basing my version of The Bug on, but those guns aren't even in production IRL, let alone replicas of them :P

Will post up photos soon