Costume :Belle (Green)
Variant :Green Dress
Source :Beauty and the Beast
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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I love Belle .o. like uberly. And I've had a bit of a Beauty and the Beast obsession lately @_@ like I had a dream my cieling looked like the one from the ballroom scene and ever since it's been on my mind

And I loooove this dress =D so I thought I'd give it a go when I can ^_^

- I'm moving this to in Progress as my obsession is growing again xD I recieved my gold dress this week and I'm in love with it. I hope to cosplay as Belle in her peasant dress on the Friday or Sunday or expo as well so that's both versions I have. So to prepare myself I've decided to watch it and now I want to make one of her dresses! I bought a sewing machine yesterday and I have a tailors dummy now so there's nothing stopping me!...apart from skill. I will be aquiring the help of my aunt, mum and friends for this believe me xD but out of this dress and the pink dress this seems the simplest and I thought for the first dress I want to try and make this is the best one to go for. I'll also be using J-Po's amazing puff sleeve tutorial to do the sleeves :D I've bought the material (I hope the colours okay) and will be putting a zip on the dress. One thing I noticed whilst watching the film is that she wears her navy cloak with this dress as well :D and since I have that I can wear it too! I want to put on the buttons though so must remember to buy them xD But yay! So here goes...the first dress I've ever made...wish me luck @_@


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Nice, I crossplayed as Belle and I know it's always a good character to cosplay as^__^ Wig is expensive on ebay unless your good at styling wigs yerself lol

by Anime_Angel on Wednesday, 2 March, 2011 - 22:55
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Yesss I saw your Belle :D It looked amazing! My natural hair is brunette and waist length so I'm hoping I'll be able to style it like hers XD but it'll be a challenge >.<

by BabemRoze on Wednesday, 2 March, 2011 - 23:03
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The green dress does not get enough love, it's my favorite out of all her dresses

by LekLek on Friday, 1 April, 2011 - 06:26
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this is a great choice for a first dress to make from scratch!

by FuriePhoenix on Sunday, 23 October, 2011 - 16:50
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Loving the progress and cannot wait to see this finished

by SamanthaKaiba on Tuesday, 8 November, 2011 - 00:50
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looking good,reading your journal if it doesnt fall right look into darting the top thats what makes it more fitted like a blouse

by J-Po on Tuesday, 8 November, 2011 - 23:52
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Thankies! It's more I'm scared it'll be too tight xD but I think it's coz my dummy is rock hard xD whereas obvs I'm squigy :P

by BabemRoze on Tuesday, 8 November, 2011 - 23:56
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lovely progress so far , I still can't believe how fast you finished the skirt XD I don't think I seen many people do this dress , but im sure it will look amazing when its finished :)

by XxSylentiumxX on Wednesday, 9 November, 2011 - 03:43
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You've done so so well for your first time making a dress from scratch!! Wish my dresses looked like that grrr - really beautiful progress lovely! you are going to pull this off once again 8D XX

by Pandora-Chi on Wednesday, 9 November, 2011 - 13:30
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you're doing so well!!!! Looking forward to more progress shot!

by FuriePhoenix on Wednesday, 9 November, 2011 - 20:38
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Thank you all ^^; I'm really nervous about it xD And Pandora you're crazy! You have mad skills!!

by BabemRoze on Wednesday, 9 November, 2011 - 20:41
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Just having a nosy and I saw this. Great idea! I've never seen this version cosplayed. How's it coming along?

by Nomes on Monday, 5 December, 2011 - 22:31
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It's coming along better than I thought for my first cosplay I made xD but I've put it on hold for now coz I need to focus on my Kitacon outfits =[ I wanna change the skirt as well :D

by BabemRoze on Tuesday, 6 December, 2011 - 00:36

To-Do List

SkirtHighIn Progress
Puff SleevesMediumPlanned
Make Bow LowPlanned
Silver/grey edgingLowPlanned
Add Buttons to CapeLowPlanned

Shopping List

Light Green Fabric x 4 mtrs£15.33Bought
Bottle Green Fabric x 3 mtrs£7.47Bought
Bottle Green Thread£6.90Bought
Light Green Thread£2.74Bought
Light Green Ribbon£1.75Bought
Bias Binding Tape£2.25To Buy


Dress Progress (Posted 8th November 2011)

I'm rather proud of myself xD I started about 2 hrs ago. I used my blue belle dress as a template to cut out the bodice shape. I had to measure it since it was a bit funny and I still don't know if it it'll fit me alright xD I've sewed the two sides and pinned the top part so it's neater. I've pinned the skirt to it so I can sew the two parts together. I'm so happy it's coming into shape xD and that it's only taken me about 3-4hrs so far @_@ (And there's my Oliver in the background :D)

EDIT: I just watched the library scene and saw the skirt's actually pointed at the front and back so I shall repin it before I sew it ^^

Skirt 90% finished! :D (Posted 7th November 2011)

I'm rather proud of myself XD This is the first outfit I've ever made from scratch. I started the skirt a few hours ago and all I need to do is hem it then it's completed! :D I didn't have a pattern so I laid my Ariel dress on my material, tucked it in on the sides and cut around it. then sewed one side and put it on my tailors dummy so I could pin it on the other side and then I sewed that :D I'll be adding the bodice on when I make it xD Obviously. And then installing a zip so I can put it on a lot easier. But I'm rather proud of myself since this is the first skirt I've ever made from scratch =D

Material Bought (Posted 23rd October 2011)

Okay so as my info states I'm moving this into 'in progress' and will try and make this as the first dress I've made from scratch. These are the two colours of material I've bought. I've bought 4 mtrs of the light green and 3 of the dark green. Probably way more than I need but since this is my first go I thought I better have more material in case I fluff up. I hope these colours turn out okay but yeah :D read my info for o.O but yay! :D first dress here I come!