Costume :Isabella
Variant :First Manga Outfit
Source :Paradise Kiss
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AmeCon 2006

Costume Photos

Draggier Isabella-inspired outfit for the nightclub!!

Makeup test, before hat was finished




Costume Information

This was originally to be worn at Ame 2006, but the rest of the group dropped out so I chicked out of wearing it! I have since sold on the wigs and hat so there is no way I can wear this again.

Instead I wore it to a nightclub's dress up night and thus made the makeup more "DRAG QUEENY" and over the top, but then found out at the nightclub it was "dress as what you love" ... well I guess I love drag queens :S My friend went as ghetto Arashi and another friend of ours went as CAROLINE ♥ (Yukari) but wouldn't shave his beard or legs, LOL!! :D

Sorry I don't have proper pictures, maybe my friends will unearth some!


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i love it :D

by 1000014 on Friday, 20 June, 2008 - 00:26
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ISABELLA! I want to cos as him/her x3

by stripey_dani on Friday, 20 June, 2008 - 00:48
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This is such a great costume, I love the makeup :)

by Amy-Lou on Friday, 20 June, 2008 - 15:53
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Isabella! Looks fabulous ^^ poor Isabella doesn't get enough love but 'shes' one of my fave characters from ParaKiss

by DarkElf on Monday, 30 June, 2008 - 18:16
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Oh my god! You're such a convincing Isabella! Well done! I love ParaKiss!!! Ai Yazawa is a God!

by Georgi on Wednesday, 9 July, 2008 - 03:51