Faith Leaper

Costume :Deadpool
Variant :The Basic Deadpool, Red and Black, Classic :D
Source :Marvel Comics
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon III (2011)

Costume Photos


i love this job, i get to kill the most interesting people

every cloud has a... stab wound!

Deadpool complete

Deadpool complete

Almost Complete 2 - Deapool

Almost Complete - Deapool

Deadpool in Progress

Deadpool: Main Reference


Costume Information

Time Taken : More time collecting the bits that actualy making it XD

The cosplay has Velcro underneath the eyes, so they are interchangeable with the other eyes I have :D

This is my First cosplay and I may be a bit ambitious but its actually going really well :D as I am awful at fabric work i have had some help, but its going just as planned, first cosplay for my first convention :D


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This looks AWESOME!!!

by FruityKyuubi on Saturday, 8 January, 2011 - 22:48
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Deadpool equals WIN!

by Limegreenjelly on Sunday, 9 January, 2011 - 00:54
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This is epically awesome! Can't wait to see it in person!

by NixieThePixie on Sunday, 9 January, 2011 - 00:54

*runs away crying*

by Warpy on Sunday, 9 January, 2011 - 01:02
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AT LAST THE EYES ARE RIGHT! Great job so far! keep at it!

by Captain_Marvelous on Sunday, 9 January, 2011 - 01:04
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thanks for the comments guys much appreciated :)

and yes, i couldnt see another Deadpool with circular or rounded rectagular eyes!!!

by Faith Leaper on Sunday, 9 January, 2011 - 01:25
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I can't wait to see this at Kitacon! :D It looks brilliant!

by raniwasacyborg on Sunday, 16 January, 2011 - 16:15
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When I get my camera working properly, I'll send you the photo of haruhi Deadpool ;p

by NixieThePixie on Friday, 6 May, 2011 - 23:51

To-Do List

Add the white eyes to finish it off :DLowIn Progress