Costume :Tweedle Dum
Source :Heart no Kuni no Alice~
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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In need of a tweedle dee? :3

by Itsonlythefairytale. on Monday, 10 January, 2011 - 20:00
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hee hee u wud be an awesome tweedle chloe!! makes me wanna do boris again even more so i can "play" fight with u :)

by InfiniteJester on Monday, 10 January, 2011 - 20:59
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I am indeed. :3
Though I do believe I already have one, ne? ;D xD

Thank youuuu :3
Ahaa... Boris is pretty darn awesomeee x3

by HattireandWhimsy. on Monday, 10 January, 2011 - 21:04
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Yush you do XD *nod nod* ~ :3

by Itsonlythefairytale. on Tuesday, 11 January, 2011 - 01:11
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Yay! n.n <3

by HattireandWhimsy. on Wednesday, 12 January, 2011 - 00:28