Costume :Nana Osaki
Source :NANA
Progress :Complete
Worn At :D-con 2011

Costume Photos

NANA Group.

"Even now I keep calling your name".

"Facing our mistakes and the wounds they leave, even if we accept them, they won't disappear."

Nana & Ren.

Nana & Hachi.

I need your love.

Progress Shot



Costume Information

Wore it from D-con from March and loved the fangirls it brought.

It was good to know that there was a lot of NANA fans too!

Will re-wear this and possibly will do different versions of her.


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by nanahara on Sunday, 9 January, 2011 - 23:22
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i is now watching this now :D you just need another nana:P

by J-Po on Monday, 10 January, 2011 - 15:39
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uwow im loving this cant wait to see it altogether x3

by Solaria on Friday, 14 January, 2011 - 14:06
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Ahhh you make such an amazing Nana!! So great that you're a musician too!

by CrystalNeko on Sunday, 16 January, 2011 - 02:26
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Thank you! :D
I am indeedy! I've been studying the violin for 9 years and I'm a music student doing a degree in popular music now, main study voice and I play guitar self taught for my solo work and such.
I get to sing rock songs and be on stage every week. It's amazing~ Haha.
Hence one of the reasons I love Nana so much. :3

by NakedSalad on Sunday, 16 January, 2011 - 02:34
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omg!!!!!!!!!!!! love the new pic *goes all fan girly* :)

by J-Po on Wednesday, 9 March, 2011 - 15:47
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ahh Nana FTW!!!! I adore Nana SO much! You look great as Nana!

by FuriePhoenix on Friday, 11 March, 2011 - 13:16

I love Nana, your cosplays are so pretty<3

by Kyuipo on Wednesday, 30 March, 2011 - 05:27
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ahaha i will stop spamming you i promise XD

you make an awesome Nana <3

by angel aiko on Sunday, 10 April, 2011 - 18:51
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Ahhh! you make a really good Nana! I especially love the makeup! Your Ren and Hachi are pretty amazing too :)

by Lulu Rose on Sunday, 7 August, 2011 - 00:42
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You make an excellent Nana!

by AmethystEyes on Monday, 29 August, 2011 - 16:19

To-Do List

Buy Nana ringHighComplete
Black bootsHighComplete
Buy tartan skirtHighComplete
Buy chocker, belt + gothic related bits and bobsHighComplete
Purchase Westwood saturn necklaceHighComplete
Black top to editHighComplete
Red fabric paintHighComplete
Safety pins (buy plenty of)HighPlanned
Buy wig off ebay.HighPlanned
Purchase fishnet stockingsHighPlanned
Buy more fake cigarettesMediumPlanned