Costume :Nakano Yamato
Source :Loveless
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon III (2011)

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Costume Information

Legwarmers - £2
Skirt - £5
Wig - £15

kitamurin was my Kouya!

The most difficult part of this was definitely the blazer. It's meant to be incredibly fitted but that's difficult without going the easy way and using velcro. In the end I used hooks and eyes but it's very obvious if you look at it from a certain side, so I'm reconsidering the fastening...


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Oh wow, I never saw this at Kita! These cosplays are really good! ~ Great work you two ~ :3

by Itsonlythefairytale. on Thursday, 6 October, 2011 - 12:48
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Thank you! We wore them pretty early on in the con, the Friday I think, so no wonder XD

by macaronic on Friday, 13 January, 2012 - 01:59

To-Do List

acquire maroon fabric for blazerLowComplete
acquire wide navy ribbon (0.5m)LowPlanned


02 (Posted 22nd February 2011)

Before heading out to find a matching blazer or fabric for the blazer, I thought it would go fine since the maroon of the skirt was very red in my mind.

Turns out it's far more purpley red than I thought. Impossible to find any garment or fabric that was /exactly the same colour/. :|

To solve this, on our trip to Singer's today, I settled with Derby cotton which was a light maroon colour-- redder and lighter than what I was going for-- and bought some Dylon 'Burlesque Red' dye. Hopefully that'll work. I wish they still did the little one-off pots of dye, they were cheap.

I'll have a go at dyeing the fabric soon.

01 (Posted 15th February 2011)

Should have done this earlier |D

So far I have; received my maroon/burgundy skirt and shortened/hemmed it, twice, because it was pretty long. Ironing the pleats works a little bit, so at least there is a vague notion of pleated-ness at the hem of the skirt.

My wig has arrived and thankfully it doesn't have a parting-- instead it has a very very long fringe which can be swept to either side. This is great since I was having such a panic re: NO WIG-SELLERS HAVE WIGS WITH YAMATO'S PARTING. It's incredibly soft and shiny!

Legwarmers are... pretty cheap and bad quality. But I have them. I'll be wearing them with white cotton socks, possible sock glue to hold them up, and a pair of schoolshoes I found which I had purchased years ago to cosplay Dokuro-chan. So they have skulls draw on the bottom in Sharpie. |D oops.

Right now I'm sort-of waiting for money to appear out of nowhere so that I can buy fabric to make her blazer so that it matches colours with the skirt, uniform-style. It's double-breasted and has a specific design...