Costume :Cardboard Tube Samurai
Source :Penny Arcade
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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DYLON - Machine Dye - SUNFLOWER YELLOW 200g£3.99Bought
Black Fabric Paint£2.99Bought
2 x postal tubes£2.58Bought
Adhesive film for designs£3.49Bought


Fabric people are awesome! (Posted 14th August 2011)

I recently found out that there was a fabric shop literally 2 minutes walk from my flat and they open on Sundays (awesome!) so I decided to pop down there today to get some material for my arm wraps.

They generally sell stuff by the metre but I said I was only needing a couple of ribbons and so the person in the shop said I could have the end piece, that was a bit grubby but otherwise fine, for free, it wasn't soiled just a bit dusty so with a wash it'd be fine! Result!!!! So I must say to anyone that lives in and around Dundee, please visit http://www.halleystevensons.co.uk/ they are teh awesomez!

It has begun... (Posted 13th August 2011)

So, I have started on my CTS cosplay. I bought a nice white Gi from Ebay. There was a couple of logo tags on it that needed to be stitch picked but it was completely white apart from this which was awesome!

I bought some Dylon "sunflower yellow" clothes dye and it said on the packaging that you can't get full colour with over 600g of material but I whacked everything in (~1.5kg) as I thought if it doesn't become yellow enough I can get more yellow but I wanted it to be all the same off yellow.

So it went straight into the washing machine and what can I say, it came out perfectly after only one wash!!

I also got my flip flops/Zōri and my Tabi (socks) which I stupidly put the wrong one on the wrong foot (tiredness doesn't mix well with cosplaying) and then complained to myself that they had sent me two of the same sock until I had that d'uh moment.

So all I need to do is the black detail; I bought some Dylon fabric paint for the black bits and make the hat (The coolie hats you can buy looked a bit crap) and paint the cardboard tube (wouldn't be CTS without it) so's all going well.