Costume :Sam Flynn Light Suit
Variant :Blue Light
Source :TRON: Legacy
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Disk Design

Disk Close

Disk holder

Original Disk and arm

Disk holder

Torso Design

Original Light suits rear

Replica rear

Close up on body

Replica shoulder

Replica model


Costume Information

Cost : Approximately around... $500 less... I hope.
Time Taken : Zero

When I first watched Tron: Legacy, I was amazed by how they combine actual light with special effects. You know, it's hard, they use blue screen but the light is blue.... I really love their design. I chose Flynn's above other Programs and Users because Flynn's happens to be... hmm cheaper I guess? I originally wanted to do CLU's Light Suit but I figured, I needed more Light Tape and Light Wire. So I had to cut down on costs. Also, being on the good side seems pretty amazing... You know how people would love to see heroes and throw eggs on villains.

I originally wanted to use Light Wire for the whole thing. But I realized, It would be too thin and weak. Light Tape is much brighter (due to it depth and light spread). I also chose blue Light tape/wire because well, it's the original colour of the light tapes/wires. So it appears white when off, but when electricity runs through, it would glow blue. Simple really.

For the base, I chose to follow strictly to the original Light Suit. Yes, double layer. Originally, the Light suit is made of latex and other complex, but I didn't want to use latex (I'll think about it). So I decided to use leather. I had to find two different types of leather jackets. The inside leather jacket should have reptilian skin-like. I have to be very careful with cutting the outer jacket. Also, the chest bit it kinda jolted out. I was thinking of double layer because I wanted to make it look as flat as possible.

Right now, as you read this, I'm sketching out on four angles. I'll post the sketches some time.


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