Costume :Jessie
Source :Pokemon
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Team Rocket Got Caught...

Team Rocket! COMPLETE outfits!


Costume Information

Cost : £20
Time Taken : 1 hour

Well then! So i was told about 2 days ago for two of my friends joint party "Dress up with something being with either L or J, Youve got till next Saturday".

I was like.... Whoa. Ok?! Let me expalin first, the whole L/J thing is there because their names begin with L and J, which would be the reason!

So then, after sitting in my bedroom at 2am on Saturday Morning writing a list of possible things to dress up as, Thinking i have a week to find something, i came up with Jessie from pokemon! Oh the funness!


Finished and worn! Its a bit late saying this really, as i did complete AND wear this over a week ago haha! But yes, it went well!

Got the closest wig i could get in the short amount of time i had, had some long black gloves from past halloween experiences, already had a white skirt, AND to make the long boots, i got my kneehigh boots out and wore Thigh-high socks with them to make them look longer! It blended preettttty well actully! XD

The top went well! After about 20minutes of me SCREAMING at stupid iron-on transfer paper in the printer, it went quite smoothly haha! Bought a Tshirt, cut and hemmed it, then printed the " R " on to it, then did the slit she has down the middle and hemmed that too! For the black top underneath, i just cut one of my black strap tops and hemmed it. Eaaaaasy times! I was quite happy with it, and it was done in such sort notice too! xD wooo!!!

Ok, note here, im the JESSIE in the pictures, not the James (Who is one of my best mates!) . I did the top for the James too, and as she couldnt find a blue wig, we had to reuse the old "L" wig that i cut for my friend at the Londonexpo in May haha! We tied the wig back, i was sad:(


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