Costume :Helena
Source :Dead or Alive 4
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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I love Helean! Good luck with this, I can't wait to see! I hope i can grabs some pictures with you when my Ayane or kasumi are finished ^^!

by Zelda on Thursday, 16 December, 2010 - 23:18
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awwww wow! This is gonna be sweet!! Awesome design :) hehe :D

by Bambi. on Thursday, 16 December, 2010 - 23:27
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Awww thank you guys <3
I just hope i can do this well and not look like a right fool ;D

by Paz1o1 on Thursday, 16 December, 2010 - 23:28
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I think you spelt Helena wrong >.< But this is one of my favourite Helena outfits and i'm really looking forward to seeing it complete =D x.

by FusionRose on Friday, 17 December, 2010 - 17:11
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Lol oops so i did xD !
I didnt notice, thanks <3

Same 8D !
I thought many people would of cosplayed it but oddly ive not found any o.o"
apart from one, but it was cotton based and i raver not have cotton lol xD !

Im also hope to have the coat she wore at the end of the 4 one :3 !

by Paz1o1 on Friday, 17 December, 2010 - 17:34
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I don't really see many DoA cosplayers at all to be honest apart from Kasumi lol. The Coat would be amazing to see =D You should definetly do it! You've tempted me to work on another DoA character now xD x.

by FusionRose on Friday, 17 December, 2010 - 17:42
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I dont in person by i google around ;D
good old google <3

I shall but i have no idear when xD
I think it be one of them on the side things and so when i get it done i get it done sort of thing :/
but who knows, knowing me i probaly get into it and get all of it done 8D
but we shall have to see~
I should be getting the fabric for it soon thoguht, i hope at least~

Doo it ;D
you know you want to
lol :P

by Paz1o1 on Friday, 17 December, 2010 - 17:57
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loool you gotta love google xD
Well when you gets it done and stuffs ill see if i get kokoro done (yus you inspired me to put her up xDD)and then we should get some pics together with all the half-sister goodness lol x.

by FusionRose on Friday, 17 December, 2010 - 18:38
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Defently have :3 !
where would we all be with out it lol xD

Yayay pictures together 8D <3
im exsited now lol~
this will be great 8D

by Paz1o1 on Saturday, 18 December, 2010 - 14:45