Costume :Sirus Black
Variant :Marauder era - Quidditch player
Source :Harry Potter
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

My wig arrived <3


Costume Information

Cost : £95
Time Taken : 2 days so far

Currently makin these robes as I've always wanted a set and now have the time ^.^

I've chosen Sirius as I love the marauders and unfortunatly I can't see my darling Remmy as a Quidditch player >.<

Hopefully should have these done very soon so I can wear them for a party nexrt week if not this New Years!!!

If all goes and looks well I may also take them some conventions this year too XD


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Sirius <3 loooove! I don't think i can see Remus as a quidditch player either xD Can't wait to see this x.

by FusionRose on Wednesday, 23 February, 2011 - 13:46
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Thank you ^^

If Sirus does as he's told for onnce he should be coming to Kitacon with me and a few others this year! Stll ned to fit and hem the robes though >.>

by maraudernumber5 on Wednesday, 23 February, 2011 - 22:53

To-Do List

Add bindibg over seams so red bits dont show through on the insideHighPlanned
Hem all the bits of the robe. Possibly use bias as well.HighPlanned
Make guards for armsMediumPlanned
Add lettering/details to robesMediumPlanned
Make fingerless glovesLowPlanned
Make guards for legsLowPlanned

Shopping List

5mtrs of both red and gold fabric as well as eyelets£25.00Bought
Quidditch Goggles£20.00Bought
Pattern and threads£15.00Bought
1mtr leather for arm pads etc£8.00Bought
Lettering for the back£8.00To Buy
Sweater for underneath£10.00To Buy
Gryffindor patch for the robes£6.00To Buy


Woop! Finish line in sight <3 (Posted 12th December 2010)

Yayyyyyyy!!! Almost done with the bulk of this cosplay now <3

A few finishing touches to the actual robes such as binding, hemming and adding eyelets but thats about it!!!

Still need to make the pads for my arms and legs but already making progress with these as well - woop go me!

Been working on these all weekend though the seams are mesy etc as been full of a cold - stupid winter >.<

Progress so far (Posted 8th December 2010)

Ok today was my official day for starting this cosplay. I already have bits n bobs such as the shoes and wig etc but they were more bought in prep for this!

Today I've managed to cut out all the pieces of the following in both the red and gold colour:-
Front and back pieces
Neck binding

I still need to do the Yoke and Sleeves tomorrow morning. I'm using Simplicity 5840 patern B for the base of the robes and have altered it slightly to make it a bit less 'flowy' as i feel a sports robe would be!

I still need to do a bit of research as the pattern doesn't mention anything about lining for the cape (the gold bits) so need to figure out if i should sew these to the red bits first before constructing thw whole pattern or sew it in further down the line like i have seen most patterns instruct!