Costume :Toothless
Variant :Gijinka-ish, or a suit. Not sure yet!
Source :How to Train Your Dragon
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Love this idea <3

also, my surname is kavanagh too, are we related lol :P

by Megitymeg on Sunday, 2 January, 2011 - 22:55
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I LOVE TOOTHLESS <3 Excited to see this!

by BabemRoze on Sunday, 2 January, 2011 - 23:34
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Thanks! <3
And nah, we aren't, as it's not my birth surname, but that's what I'm changing my name to in a few years~

by Thirteenthesia on Monday, 3 January, 2011 - 19:35
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Wooo! What day?? Me and MysteriousFayth are planning on cosplaying Astrid and Hiccup on the Friday of Aya :D Have to look out for you ^_^

by Mtani on Thursday, 9 June, 2011 - 18:05
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Ooooooh, awesome! We're actually cosplaying Astrid and Hiccup now (with a massive Toothless plushie) because I chickened out of making a gijinka for Ayacon xD. But it'll probably be on Sunday, but I'll definitely come make a fuss of you guys if I see you!

by Thirteenthesia on Thursday, 9 June, 2011 - 21:27


buying thiiiiiings (Posted 20th January 2011)

Bought 10m of fleece. Still undecided on the design as of yet....
Still need some black fabric paint, sculpy, more paint, etc...