Costume :Reala
Variant :NiD
Source :NiGHTS into Dreams
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Auchinawa 2006

Costume Photos

if you got it!

Reala pose 3

Reala pose 2

pose reala


Reala Swing

Reala net

Reala 1

Come for a ride

reala bike

Reala onna bike



Costume Information

Cost : £30

Big fan of NiGHTS into Dreams and the idea was that I would compleate my Reala Cosplay for the first Auchinawa to counter Trippy's U.V NiGHTS cosplay.
however Trippy didn't show up untill the last day of the con and I had to leave.... needless to say I was utterly gutted.
worked my arse off to complete this so it's pretty haphazard and I never got any good photo's of it at the con, I recently took some knew ones, the fact that it took me 4 years to put this costume back on again is mildly frightening.
It's a costruct of apolstery Foam held together with copydex and satin copydex'd ontop. The hat I completed slowly over 2005 I would work on it whilst watching movies in my bedroom just casually slathering on glue and then waiting for it to go tacky so I could start shaping the foam and pushing the pieces together.
Foam construction is all about waiting.
thats why I find it relaxing.
I made the shoes at the con on the first night we sat around loling and drinking and I shaped foam to my platform boots and glued sating on the top.
the seperate parts of this costume are:

the hat (best made part)Foam horns on a foam helmetmade from glued together strips of apolstery foam with satin on top. and glued on black PVC detail.

The muscle vest, This is a black lycra high necked shirt I made with sculpted foam muscles copydex'd on, it has round Deltoids, huge Biceps and a horseshoe Tricep just for shapeing.

White over body suit (the diamonds where glued on at the con)

Guantlets (hastely cut out foam with Black PVC Codydexed on one end, red acrylic paint the other and Funky Foam details glued on)

Gloves with Fimo Claws (these where rushed I wanted gold lycra for the fingers but I lost the lycra I had brought found it las minute but I had allready made the gloves from gold leatherette and black PVC)

Waist coat, Red satin with black PVC lining and detail, brass buttons.

Ruff: Cirlcle of foam that fits over head with purple lycra sewn over the outside and a black lyrca inner to hold it in place

Shoes: Platform boots coverd in floam with satin copydexed ontop


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Looks awesome!

by eternal_aranel on Thursday, 2 December, 2010 - 12:33
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Wowie this looks amazing!!! Great work!

by Zelda on Thursday, 2 December, 2010 - 12:36
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That's a super outfit. BTW like the psuedonym, see my page 4 why.

by Joshua on Thursday, 2 December, 2010 - 12:49
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This is so incredibly awesome. I'm pretty sure I've seen this before but never had the chance to compliment you on it, but it's so fantastic! :D Well done. If I could favourite costumes, I'd totally fave this one <3

by Luminescence on Friday, 3 December, 2010 - 12:38
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That looks srsly fantastic!

by Telly on Thursday, 12 May, 2011 - 09:20