Costume :Gumi / Megpoid
Variant :Coward Montblanc
Source :Vocaloid2
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Bunkasai - Japanese Culture Festival 2011

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Cost : £19.84

I only discovered Megpoid recently (~last month or two) and she has a really cute voice. <3 I find that she has a lot of bittersweet videos- Coward Montblanc, with its reel of cakes and pastries and changing colours, with Gumi animated as singing the chorus each time, looked great the first time I saw it, and still does! (Also: I really like the translation of her default outfit to sailor uniform- namely goggles into glasses and orange outfit into orange tights)


Glasses - £1
White thread, black thread - £1 each
Poppers (for modesty slip) - £1.19
Fabric for top - £9 roughly
Black skirt - £6.65


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Get black cotton material and white trimHighComplete

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black, long, all-round-pleated skirt£5.65Bought
black cotton material (30cm) white trim (4m(doubled) thin)£10.00Bought