Costume :Heiwajima Shizuo
Source :Durarara!!
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Minamicon 18 (2012)

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Sunglasses 2 Test

Sunglasses 1 Test

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Because Shizuo is awesome and this is such an easy cosplay to do!!

Worn at:

Minamicon 17
Minamicon 18


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Yaaay Durarara!! Shizuo is awesomeness. XD

by Ayame on Sunday, 7 November, 2010 - 22:56
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:D I know!!! I just couldn't not cosplay him XD

by CrazyLittleHanyou on Saturday, 20 November, 2010 - 09:33

XDD haha, snap. I'm doing Shizuo for Minami 17 as well! (Female version - my chest doesn't allow for crossdressing I'm afriad >x<) I've been trying to put together a DRRR!! cast, currently bullying my BFF to be Izaya (she adores him) but she's being stubborn. I look forward to a fellow Shizu-chan at the con! 8)

by Araceil on Thursday, 10 February, 2011 - 19:42
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Yay! More DRRR!! Can't wait ^^ Must get pictures! I've got a Kida coming with me we did have a Celty but she's not coming to Minami anymore :(

by CrazyLittleHanyou on Wednesday, 23 February, 2011 - 11:26

Sadly my friend dropped Izaya - she couldn't afford it, despite the fact I was willing to give her my black parka and line it with fur for her, and go ask some of my friends if they would be willing to lend her an appropriate wig. Ah well, she's going as Dave now. I have no idea who it is but apparently she wants to go as Dave.

I did some asking on the Minami Forum and it looks like we may have a Shinra as well. He just needs to find his glasses. I still need to make my Stop Sign and now my cardboard vending machine. You can throw it around as well. 8DDD

by Araceil on Tuesday, 1 March, 2011 - 20:00

To-Do List

White ShirtHighComplete
Black WaistcoatHighComplete
Blonde WigHighComplete
Bow TieMediumComplete
"Insert Item of Doom"LowPlanned

Shopping List

Black Waistcoat£5.50Bought


Complete! (Posted 27th February 2011)

SO I've eventually finished compiling all I need to complete this for Minami :D

Test shots WILL be coming soon (cause I want advice on which sunies) but at the moment... I can't find my precious bowtie DX

So yeah... Shizu-chan is COMPLETE!! Yay!