Costume :Nymphadora Tonks
Variant :1st appearance
Source :Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Thought Bubble 2010

Costume Photos


Lupin n Tonks

All the clothes



Costume Information

I changed this from Professor Trelawney as Tonks will be alot easier.

This will be store bought/modified as it's only for a college event(another reason why I changed from Professor Trelawney)

I will still try to make this as acurate as possible :)


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To-Do List

Make chokerMediumIn Progress

Shopping List

Grey Jacket£3.50Bought
Fingerless gloves£4.40Bought
Long black coat£0.00Bought
Red/black stripe t-shirt£6.00Bought
Black three-quarters£0.00Bought
Black boots£18.00Bought
Ripped Leggings£4.00Bought


One and only journal post (Posted 13th November 2010)

I can't believe how I've been able to find so much matching stuff. I admit it's not perfect but its pretty darn close for a "closet cosplay". The most problem was with the coat, I could only find really expensive coats that were stop on. I'm talking about £70 >.< So I settled with a close match which I will use for college too :P The difference are their is no pocket on the front and less buttons. But the style is brilliant.
Oh and no wig I actually dyed my hair purple :P

The image at the side includes all the items:

Far left - Long black coat
- Short Grey hoody
- Stripy top
-The necklaces that im going to chop for hers
- The black boots
- The ripped leggings
- The short trousers
- the fingerless gloves

The only thing left is the wand and maybe a beak XD