Costume :Rita Mordio
Variant :Default
Source :Tales of Vesperia
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon III (2011)

Costume Photos

Smiling Rita

Rita Mordio Casting

Rita reading her spell book

Rita Mordio - London Expo May 2011

Rita and Yuri Masquerade May 2011

Cosplay Corner

Rita, working her magic

Rita Mordio At Kitacon III

Rita Mordio At Kitacon III

Progress of Sash

Progess of Rita 2

Ref Pic 2 - Different Views


Costume Information

Time Taken : Few Months

Costume will be made from scratch, Dress is being made out of Red Cotton, Wig Brought Off Ebay ^^, goggles (ebay) and gloves. Red sock, Yellow painted on it.
Book is made from a Hollow book brought, then painted and the straps made from foam.


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If you do this, we need to do photos again! It will be like a reversal :D Then you can Rita kick and pull faces!

by Sammykins on Thursday, 16 December, 2010 - 20:30

Yay and u can hug Yuri xD and i can Stick my Touge out at you lol

by Dark_Angel_15 on Thursday, 16 December, 2010 - 23:33
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Excellent progress ^_^ Rita is such a fab character, can't wait too see this finished

by ElegantAura on Friday, 7 January, 2011 - 13:30

Thanks =D

by Dark_Angel_15 on Friday, 7 January, 2011 - 15:28
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Progress looks awesome so far! Looking foward to this^^

by KiraraYumi on Friday, 7 January, 2011 - 23:41

Thanks ^^ KiraraYumi

by Dark_Angel_15 on Saturday, 8 January, 2011 - 02:32
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looks wicked so far :D yay!

by SarahSaiyan on Tuesday, 22 March, 2011 - 21:35

Thanks sarah =D i'll be bringing Estelle and Rita to Kitacon, see you next week

by Dark_Angel_15 on Sunday, 27 March, 2011 - 20:05
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Aww looks great! Isn't Rita awesome? <3 x3 it's cool that you made her spell book/holder too! :D (thankyou for your lovely comments <3)

by Natsumi on Saturday, 17 September, 2011 - 15:50

ya Rita is Totally Awesome, I have cosplayed Estelle too. but i like rita better. more like me. and yer had to to the spell books. XD i still need to buy some Gloves. Your rita is Well awesome. do you have facebook?

by Dark_Angel_15 on Saturday, 17 September, 2011 - 17:02
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Your costume is beautiful. Actually this costume is not easy to make, quite complicated. But you did it.

by Elle on Tuesday, 11 October, 2011 - 04:43

Thanks Elle

by Dark_Angel_15 on Tuesday, 11 October, 2011 - 16:56

To-Do List

Brought White LeggingsHighComplete
Make DressHighComplete
Buy WigHighComplete
Make Necklace HighComplete
Make BeltHighComplete
Find some GogglesMediumComplete
Buy Yellow RibbonMediumComplete
Get a Pair of Red GlovesMediumPlanned
Get Some BootsMediumPlanned

Shopping List

Yellow Ribbon£1.00Bought
Red Socks£3.49Bought
White Leggings£3.99Bought
Boots£10.00To Buy
Red Gloves£5.00To Buy
Yellow Fabric Paint£3.00To Buy


Pants for Rita!! =D (Posted 10th January 2011)

Got my pants for Rita come today, there a white pair of Leggings I brought of ebay, for £3.99, not bad. so I need to cut of one leg, so it's only got a Long leg and a short leg like Rita has them. Next thing to get is my Rita Wig. Looking forward to being Rita. =D

Start Of Rita Cosplay (Posted 5th January 2011)

I finally made a start on my Rita cosplay, which i plan to wear at Kita-Con III and London Expo May 2011. So far I have made the Red top/dress, out of Red Cotton and put on a Yellow Collar, and the white line down the back. I Still need to add on the black Sleeves and Pockets, and other details.