BB Dubs

Costume :Ryougi Shiki
Variant :Red jacket or beige kimono
Source :Kara no Kyoukai
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Oh wait...

Lovely jacket


Costume Information

A friend said this character has similar traits to me, so I thought I'll look it up....
"The power to bring death to all" She sounds awesome already.

It's either the red jacket/blue kimono combination or the beige kimono where I'd look more feminine than any of the costumes I will do. Hmmmmmmm.....

29/09/11: Likely to be doing this for the end of this year.

28/01/12: Not planning to get this done this year =P


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Oh my kunai! Her eye...sss (Posted 15th November 2010)

Man, I love those Death eyes she's got =D I'm sure TokyoToys would have this kind of lenses floating in their overpriced store/website.

I may consider to do this for the May MCM Expo 2011 or Ayacon 2011 =P