Costume :Supreme King Haou
Source :Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Put on hold until I get better at making armour.


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Oh man, this will be challenging. Good luck making the armour. ^^b

by Mangamad on Monday, 20 December, 2010 - 14:27
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looks like a challenge. Like the base spikes. Looking forward to see more progress

by isamiaella on Tuesday, 22 March, 2011 - 00:24
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Absolutley brilliant! I am so happy to see someone doing this version of Jaden and also doing it justice the looks of the fantastic progress ^^

by Sakurastar123 on Friday, 2 September, 2011 - 22:19
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Thank you so much! ^^ I'm trying to get it as accurate as possible, since I've seen quite a few which have made the spikes too small.

by Kess on Friday, 2 September, 2011 - 23:37

To-Do List

draft and cut out patternsHighPlanned
buy black bootsHighPlanned
sew coatHighPlanned
make base spikes and chest armourHighPlanned
make torso armourMediumPlanned
make shoulder armourMediumPlanned
make base helmetMediumPlanned
sew trousers and shirtMediumPlanned
make boot coversMediumPlanned
paint shoulder armourLowPlanned
make/buy half spheresLowPlanned
make belt buckleLowPlanned
paint belt buckleLowPlanned
paint arm armourLowPlanned
make arm armourLowPlanned
make/buy base glovesLowPlanned
make collar spikesLowPlanned
paint torso armourLowPlanned
sew capeLowPlanned
paint spikes and chest armour pieceLowPlanned
paint helmetLowPlanned
sew beltLowPlanned

Shopping List

red cotton for cape£24.00Bought


cape (Posted 2nd September 2011)

This is one MASSIVE cape! It's 4 metres wide, and 3 tall (but it's folded into the hood to shorten it). I'm going to have to hand sew the front bits, since my sewing machine isn't that strong xD The back ruffles also need to be added, first tacked then run through the machine, but I don't have time to do that right now. Or the patience xD

Spikes progress (Posted 9th August 2011)

Some progress on the spikes~ I just need to paper mache it now (and stuff the spikes too, so they keep their shape during this process), before I cut the spikes off again and create some clips so the armour is easily transportable. And then paint it of course xD It fits quite nicely on me at the moment, but I need to work out some way to stop it from slipping back too much, so I might have to add some weights on the chest plates, or buckles (or something similar) underneath it so it straps on to the stomach plates.

3D spikes (Posted 9th August 2011)

The 3D version off all but one of the spikes, since it fell off earlier xD Anyway, I've just got to alter the positioning of the spikes slightly, since when they are viewed from anywhere but below or directly to the side, they all merge into one :/ So I need to make it look better from slightly higher since I'm short~

The spikes begin (Posted 26th July 2011)

Finally some progress!

plans (Posted 30th December 2010)

I have enough fabric left over from another costume to make and line the coat, so I'll be doing that tomorrow. However, I don't have any gold/yellow fabric to put around the edges ;^; bu~ut that won't stop me >3 Progress pics will ensue...