Costume :Sheena Fujibayashi
Source :Tales of Symphonia
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2010

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- - - Retired - - -

Sheena Fujibayashi!!
I loved making this costume! It was so much fun to wear!

The easiest part of this costume was the sleeves, they were realy simple (pair of strechy leggings cut up and sewn onto the top)

The hardest part by far was figuring out how to keep the bow together. Selph and I managed to get it all together, and the next time I picked it up it fell apart... and took a few extra hours to get back together in a way that was going to keep it together.

Much credit has to be given to the wonderful thedevilwearswhite for the fabulous wig

And to Selph for assisting with the construction (and reconstruction) of the bow


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Amazing Sheena!!!

by Zelda on Sunday, 5 December, 2010 - 18:00
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Thank You :D

by Yasmia on Sunday, 5 December, 2010 - 18:24
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You're just too amazing in your Sheena costume <3 Seriously, they should have like, police for that or something. But man, that bow gave us hell T_T I will never forget Michael's input of a bug made out of wire. How useful =P

by wings-of-crimson on Sunday, 5 December, 2010 - 19:34
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Oh my days
One of THE BEST memories EVAR

by Yasmia on Monday, 6 December, 2010 - 00:27

This looks epic! really like it

by on Wednesday, 14 September, 2011 - 12:08
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Sheena suits you alot! :)

by Captain_Marvelous on Monday, 21 May, 2012 - 19:12
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This is a great Sheena costume, especially the epically giant bow, and those boot covers look really good ^_^

by Zelvyne on Thursday, 7 March, 2013 - 12:44
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This is so cute, I love it! Great job :D

by ToroSonyCat on Tuesday, 12 March, 2013 - 00:49
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Awesome Sheena cosplay! You did a great job ^^

by BlueberryTale on Wednesday, 27 March, 2013 - 20:02
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I've not played Tales, but this is a nifty costume. Looks great :)

by PandoraCaitiff on Thursday, 28 March, 2013 - 12:55
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Great job on Sheena!
It's been so long since I played Tales of Symphonia.

by SlimDefinition on Thursday, 18 April, 2013 - 17:40