Manga Girl

Costume :Queen Esther Blanchett
Source :Trinity Blood
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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I know, I'm truly mad ^^; but hear me out lol

After watching the level of cosplays at the October 10 Expo it has given me the inspiration to do this costume. Its going to take a while to make but hopefully it will work out ok ^_^


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by Freyarule on Wednesday, 3 November, 2010 - 14:57
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you have always been a great inspiration to me =D and you doing this!!! knowing how awesome you are this will bring no exception xxxx cant wait to start seeing it progress =P

by HatsuneHawke on Monday, 8 November, 2010 - 00:17
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Ooooo! Awesome. Best of luck hun. I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job ;)

by Sephirayne on Thursday, 18 November, 2010 - 13:08
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@ Freyarule: :D

@ HatsuneHawke: *blushes* Really? I'm an inspiration? Not many people have said that to me *hugs tight* Thank you so much hun! I hope to do my very best!

@ Sephirayne: Thank you very much hun ^_^

by Manga Girl on Saturday, 4 December, 2010 - 16:48
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I bet your going to be look stunning. ^_^

by RebaSephiroth2 on Thursday, 27 January, 2011 - 12:57
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Thank you hun! :D

by Manga Girl on Sunday, 6 March, 2011 - 23:27
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yes you are =3 indeed ^_^ and i mean every word of it!

by HatsuneHawke on Monday, 7 March, 2011 - 01:14