Snow Villiers
Final Fantasy XIII

Cosplayer: CharlieDoryRose

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

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- - 27th September 2010
Omg. Your joking right?

Pfffft this shall be amazing, i'mma come stroke you at expo to get some photos 8D and a piggy back is in order. Hahah i jest, i jes.

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CharlieDoryRose - 27th September 2010
I'm glad you like the costume, making this one is a bit different from what I normally do! My boyfriend's modelling it and he'll be wearing it in October, but I still hope you'd like to stroke me anyway and a piggy back is definitely on the cards. ;P

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Kerhys - 27th September 2010

Ffffffffffffff David is gonna look so good.

I can't wait!

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CharlieDoryRose - 27th September 2010
Moherfucking shit hot, right?!?!

I've got most of the coat pieces pinned together, I need to make the collar and the sleeves and then sew it all togeeetttthhurrrr.

I'm so excited. 8D

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- - 28th September 2010
Ah right ;w; sorry!

But never the less he is going to look amazing and your going to make a wonderful job of making it =3

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Anonymous - 6th October 2010
Looks pretty damn awesome!!!

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Emzone - 6th October 2010
This looks so brill!
I'm getting far to excited about next May
Will look forward to seeing this in October *w*

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CharlieDoryRose - 6th October 2010
Thank yoooouuuuuuu 8D 8D 8D 8D

I'm so excited at how this is looking, it really fits perfectly and exactly the way Snow's fits him.

I can't wait for May too, Emi I BEG AND IMPLORE you to please take a Serah & Snow shoot of us. <3

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Emzone - 7th October 2010
I shall! 8D

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Zelda - 7th October 2010
The progress is looking epic!