Nocturnal Blossom

Costume :Lucia von Belmont
Source :Original Character
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

I are Serious Victorian Lady. This are Serious Victorian Portrait.







Costume Information

Cost : Nothing!
Time Taken : not long

From a day of cosplaying with Monkey! This is actually a roleplay character of hers which I got to cosplay, hooray! I wore a wedding dress and felt like a princess! <33


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Wow! you look beautiful!! *o* Great work!!!!

by Komapsunida on Wednesday, 21 May, 2008 - 17:41
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Wow this is stunning! Great job. ^_^

by MoonLily on Wednesday, 21 May, 2008 - 17:50
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That dress is just beautiful!

by Chii-ren on Friday, 23 May, 2008 - 00:40
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beautiful costume

by 1000014 on Thursday, 10 July, 2008 - 02:39
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So pretty O.o

well done, great costume! ^^

by Mïdnïght_Ñø _Kåzé on Sunday, 24 August, 2008 - 15:52
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Wow! Stunning costume and photos.

by Sephirayne on Tuesday, 30 September, 2008 - 07:47
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Ooo... that dress is gorgeous! One of the most beauitful things I've ever seen! It suits you so well - and the photos are lovely.
I adore the 'Posing' one. x) Very Victorian.

by BlusterSquall on Tuesday, 11 November, 2008 - 22:18
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COsplaying original cahracters is a lot of fun ^_^

by sjbonnar on Wednesday, 26 November, 2008 - 17:30
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fantastic job, you look stunning. makes me want to sing "I feel you, Joanna"

by Bedoc on Thursday, 20 August, 2009 - 01:51
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Gah, you're so gorgeous <33333

by Yuka on Monday, 2 May, 2011 - 17:20