Chiyoko Chan

Costume :Ayato Naoi
Source :Angel Beats!
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2011

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Cost : £15

Angel Beats! was the first anime i watched this summer, and it blew a majoriy of other school-based anime's i've watched completely out of the park. It was exciting, emotional, full of lolz (and i ended up using two boxes of Klenex at the last episode ;w;)

So decided that i had to cosplay someone from AB!. And because i recently seam to have an obsession with violent characters who think they're god, but are actually big softies on the inside, i chose Naoi <3


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Make The JacketMediumIn Progress

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Black Material£12.00Bought


Jacket Material and Wig (Posted 4th September 2010)

Bought the material for Naoi's jacket today *excitement* 8DD
I have no idea how i'll make it >.< But i shall cross that bridge when i get to it *cough*PROCRASTINATION*cough*

Found a perfect wig on eBay. Will order it tomorrow