Costume :Eva Beatrice
Variant :RETIRED
Source :Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2010

Costume Photos

You are not welcomed here!

Apprentice meets the master

You shall die

The apprentice and her master

Flip the Chessboard Over!

Sitting, and Plotting



Costume Information

Cost : £60
Time Taken : 2 weeks

Loved the series Umineko Naku Koro ni.

Eva Beatrice is going with my friends Ayame's Vergilia on the Sunday of Expo which happens to be Halloween as well, perfect day for a witch gathering.

Re worn for Made in Asia 6 2014 and most people couldn't believe this costume was 4 years old. Some did think I was Cardcaptor Sakura though :S

"Why don't you just give up and die, I am the Golden and Endless Witch,"


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Yays Eva. You shall look awesome and these costumes will be really fun. Hope you have enough purple fabric now :P

by Ayame on Wednesday, 8 September, 2010 - 22:18
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Hat is looking really good.

by Ayame on Monday, 13 September, 2010 - 21:38
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I can't wait to see this complete. :) I'll look out for you at Expo.

by phalor on Wednesday, 22 September, 2010 - 19:01
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can not wait to see you her

by jazziespazzy on Tuesday, 26 October, 2010 - 10:22
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you looked really nice in this

by Defrain on Wednesday, 3 November, 2010 - 10:14
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This looked sooo beautiful, absolutely fantastic work <3

by ElegantAura on Wednesday, 3 November, 2010 - 22:55
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Yes, this was so cute! The hat was my fav part! And yes, it was lovely to see you again! Can't wait for when we attempt a final fantasy group again!

by Sammykins on Thursday, 4 November, 2010 - 21:26
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I was in the room when you and your friends were getting photos taken for this outfit! And you let me wear your hat! And I let you play with my BJD. But I loved this outfit on you, it was so pretty.

by NightmareWings on Thursday, 9 December, 2010 - 22:09
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Beautifully executed :) love the detailing and that prop is sublime :) x

by Frederica la Noir on Sunday, 2 March, 2014 - 13:10
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Super gorgeous, amazing work!

by KiraraYumi on Sunday, 23 March, 2014 - 13:13
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This looks lovely!

by InfiniteJester on Sunday, 23 March, 2014 - 14:07

To-Do List

Black UnderskirtHighComplete


Bat Wings (Posted 15th October 2010)

How many weeks now? 2?
O.O and I'm already panicking... ¬_¬ Time to get my ass in gear.
Got my petticoat today in the post, its a really nice one...
I put everything on to see where the black underskirt fell and it was too long so I cut 2 inches from the bottom and took 2 inches from the purple top dress, this made the lovely shape I was after. Now I have cut the ruffle pieces to sew on the dress sunday ( I need a new zip: didn't get a big enough one, atm there's a bright green one there)

Staff has also been started, Dad is making it so I can pack it in the suitcase and carry it that way and I have made and papermached the top part of the staff (shown in picture) Need to get some fimo or air drying clay to make the other details on the staff before painting it all...

Cape now has sewn on bow and snaps so I can easily place it on and off.
Not a lot now, just need to find some material for the scallop edging around her underskirt...
Time so far: 3 Hours

Eye of Newt (Posted 7th October 2010)

O.O Im officially hating pleats right about now XD
Any way, the cape is complete and the dress now has a skirt part attached YAY!

The ribbon really did bug me and so new thinner ribbon has been attached, looks so much better now... Im wondering whether I should make a petticoat cause at the moment its not puffy enough ...

Black underskirt base is constructed just got to hem and place the netting detail on and viola! Not more to go but its enough XD

Time so far: 7 hours

The Witching Hour (Posted 6th October 2010)

Started a lot today,
hand sewed all of the flower brooch and sewed it onto the hat :D So now that is complete (Still not sure on the ribbon)

Started the main dress, and the bodice is now complete with bows pinned at the moment. Got to get more fabric to finish the skirt off, and buy more black cotton to finish the underskirt so I can measure the purple skirt front properly.

Cape is yet to be done, but well on the way to being done for expo :D YAY!
Time so fa: 9 hours

Hats here and there and everywhere (Posted 8th September 2010)

Whilst doing one hat, I've decided to do another hat ^^
Got the basic black hat going on, got the flowers sewn on and the circles pinned..
Going to make the flower on her hat as the one I found was a tad expensive for my liking...

On to the dress and cape after a few days of non sewing :)