Costume :Guybrush Ulysses Threepwood
Source :Monkey Island 2
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con October 2013

Costume Photos

Hmm... wrong item...

Who am I? Well...

I wonder what this does.... OUCH

It sure is windy on Monkey Island

What is this...?

I can hold my breathe for 10 minutes!

Chilling on Melee Island

Le... LeChuck?

Look behind you, a three headed monkey!

I'm Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate!


Costume Information

Cost : £50
Time Taken : A few weeks

Worn at Gemucon 2013.

Finally, a classic video game character to cosplay XD

I decided on the MI2 version of Guybrush since then I get to have a manry beard XD
This is a costume I plan to do with a friend who lives over in Finland so when she's
able to come over to a English convention I'll make this bad boy. I love Monkey Island
and grew up with the seires ^_^


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YEAAAAAAAS! Faye is gonna be so happy when she sees this! XD GuyBrush! rawks!

by Captain_Marvelous on Sunday, 22 August, 2010 - 13:17
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OMG Ellie-- you were planning on Monkey Island cosplay? <3 Me and Gem have recently gotten into it and were thinking of possibly doing something from it...would you still be up for it? :D You'd make the best Guybrush EVER, btw! <3

by CrystalCharmer on Saturday, 12 May, 2012 - 00:23
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That is one hell of a quiff! Brilliant costume :)

by Amy-Lou on Tuesday, 9 April, 2013 - 23:54
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This is fabulous, there needs to be more Monkey Island love in the world

by TheStarlightFairy on Wednesday, 10 April, 2013 - 00:22
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This is awesome.

by Sephirayne on Wednesday, 10 April, 2013 - 15:23
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by Freyarule on Wednesday, 10 April, 2013 - 16:30
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Excellent costume :D

by Siouxsie James on Monday, 15 April, 2013 - 00:12
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Awesome costume. That wig is perfect

by ArcaneArchery on Monday, 15 April, 2013 - 20:00
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omgosh this is perfection ♥
monkey island man....~

amazing cosplay!!!

by KC-HOME on Thursday, 18 April, 2013 - 11:25
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This is just the most awesome thing ever. Love it <3

by Stubbled Grapes on Thursday, 18 April, 2013 - 19:56
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This is amazing! :)

by Deathblow_Prime on Sunday, 21 April, 2013 - 20:36
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Where you selling fine leather jackets at Gemucon? XD

Awesome Guybrush cosplay! :D

by Manjou on Friday, 26 April, 2013 - 22:01
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Wow amazing Guybrush Threepwood! I don't think I've ever seen him done before and you've done a fantastic job! :D

by Commander_Shepard on Sunday, 28 April, 2013 - 11:34
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I can't get over how awesome this costume is.

by Silvermane on Tuesday, 5 November, 2013 - 22:12
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You were super amazing. And Madame Lapin's pictures are so good!

by Getti on Tuesday, 5 November, 2013 - 23:05
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Love this!

by Leadmill on Friday, 8 November, 2013 - 16:30
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by Alias Cosplay on Saturday, 30 November, 2013 - 10:51
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You are so amazing. I adore everything about this cosplay. :)

by Nesabi on Tuesday, 1 April, 2014 - 19:19
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This costume is so beautiful and well made. It really suits you and you were so entertaining to watch in Cosplay Chess ^^

by Siouxsie James on Sunday, 13 April, 2014 - 09:13

To-Do List

Make shirtHighComplete
Buy materials/pattern for coatHighComplete
Make the coatHighIn Progress
Take in trousersMediumComplete
Make-up/lens testMediumComplete
Style wigMediumIn Progress
Belt 1LowComplete
Buy contact lensesLowComplete
Belt 2LowIn Progress
Props from the gameLowIn Progress

Shopping List

Wig (Re-use=£20)£0.00Bought
Gold ribbon (for cuffs)£1.70Bought
Blue embroidery thread£1.20Bought
Beard facepaint£2.95Bought
Beard sponge£1.98Bought
Brown trim£5.50Bought
Thread (for coat)£3.44Bought
Gold bias£5.80Bought
Belt 2£1.99Bought
Belt 1£5.50Bought
Trousers (Re-use=£6)£0.00Bought
Gold lacing cord£1.50Bought


Beard/stubble test for Expo. (Posted 20th October 2013)

As it says in the title. I think it's personally a bit too dark so will try and make it lighter next time. I'm pleased with the shape of the brow as well as the thickness. I need to spread the stubble onto my neck. Overall though I'm pleased.