Costume :Shiro
Variant :Chapter 11
Source :Deadman Wonderland
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2011

Costume Photos

Dat wind ._.


Group Shot <3

Shiro & Ganta

Ref picture


Costume Information

Cost : £70
Time Taken : over 9000 hours!

-May 2011-
Managed to get it all finished and had fun with Ganta, Senji and Minatsuki.

Now need to remake the glove and mask, if I do her again, due to the official colors being released.


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This has made my day. Can't wait to see it :)

by amecos on Thursday, 30 September, 2010 - 17:27
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PLEASE say your doing this sunday!
Since a little Hummingbird shall be wondering around... ;D

by amecos on Sunday, 17 October, 2010 - 18:39
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Actually, I was thinking of doing her on Saturday as she's like the only costume I've prepared for expo this year and may not bother with Sunday if I find Saturday dull >.> Sorry x

by Illulyn on Monday, 18 October, 2010 - 16:24
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it would be EPIC if you were able to do this for Ayacon, since I'm trying to put together a DMWL group for it, also I can see you making a great Shiro ^^

by nanahara on Friday, 22 April, 2011 - 16:12
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I'm not going to Ayacon, sorry~!

by Illulyn on Friday, 22 April, 2011 - 19:01
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Looking awesome so far ^^

by Moonchild on Friday, 29 April, 2011 - 18:36
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This is looking great.

Could you explain to me more about how you distressed the cloak - you said burning?

by Ranma1-2 on Friday, 29 April, 2011 - 19:04
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Sure thing - I cut it really messily then went around the whole thing burning it a little bit at a time with a lighter, it gave a rounded yet rough finish - as you can see.
I can probably do a photo tutorial or something if you want a visual representation - my attempts at explaining things tend to be pretty bad XD

by Illulyn on Friday, 29 April, 2011 - 19:32
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Ohhh I see. Thanks. The lighter part really rounds those scallop shapes nicely.

by Ranma1-2 on Friday, 29 April, 2011 - 20:49
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well you already know about how i feel aboit Shiro but still........EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE COVER UP WOMAN!

by JakeX on Monday, 16 May, 2011 - 22:03
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Though if I'm in cosplay around you I'll have to keep offering you my coat...

by sjbonnar on Thursday, 19 May, 2011 - 10:13
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@Jake 8D
@Sean Ahaaa the cape keeps me pretty covered, actually! I'm not as naked with it xP

by Illulyn on Thursday, 19 May, 2011 - 21:56
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AWSOME XD, wish I'd have seen this

by nanahara on Tuesday, 31 May, 2011 - 15:12
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Loveee this!! Was lovely meeting you at expo too! ^^

by Moonchild on Tuesday, 31 May, 2011 - 15:38
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How did I NOT see this!?
Glad to see some Deadman Wonderland cosplays out there! :D

by BakaBakaRangers on Tuesday, 31 May, 2011 - 18:35
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Absolutely amazing!<3

by amecos on Tuesday, 31 May, 2011 - 22:41
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awesome Shiro.

by Berserk667 on Wednesday, 1 June, 2011 - 00:48
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This is so epic >w<

by Charlotte-chan on Sunday, 11 September, 2011 - 00:07

To-Do List

Paint SuitHighComplete
Buy SuitHighComplete
Buy WigLowComplete
Re-do GloveLowPlanned
Re-do MaskLowPlanned


Timing (Posted 30th May 2011)

Awww god darnit Deadman Wonderland - reveal that Shiro's the Redman on the day I cosplay her? Awww yeah xD
Shame the color scheme in the anime isn't what I cosplayed it as - guess I'll have to re-do her sometime.

At expo both my mask and glove broke within the first 5 minutes >.<;;

COMPLETE (Posted 26th May 2011)

I finished Shiro today!
I'm not going to post any completed pictures until it's revealed in the anime that Shiro is the Redman as it might ruin the suprise for some watchers who didn't read the manga when it's on the front page! x33

Make-up (Posted 20th May 2011)

Had some spare time this morning and figured I'd do a make-up test for Shiro.
I don't like my eyebrows in this, at all - they need to be sorted out.
I'm not really sure how I'm going to do the make-up on the day as the lighting in the Excel toilets is pretty bad for make-up.
Also, it's hard to see with the contacts in so I can't be sure if everything's even! guhh! xD

Mask (Posted 15th May 2011)

Also covered the mask in a thin clay layer, to make it smoother and a little stronger x3

Hand (Posted 15th May 2011)

I.. attempted to make Shiro's mechanical hand today (see ref in gallery)

I don't think it went to well, but at least I tried

Cape (Posted 13th May 2011)

Re-dyed it.
Still tempted to add a dark outline to it~

CAAAPE (Posted 29th April 2011)

Better image in the gallery~
I am SO proud of this thing! The edges are all burnt by myself, hand dyed and such.It can be longer or shorter, depending on how much it's gathered at the top and it drapes in lots and lots of ways 8D It needs re-dying as it's not dark enough yet. I'm also tempted to add black to the edges so the tears show up more against itself.

Capeeee (Posted 27th April 2011)

Started the cape today, did all the ripping and junk - except for the back which isn't finished yet.
Going to dye it tomorrow then it'll be pretty much complete

NECK BRAAAACE 8D (Posted 26th April 2011)

I am SO proud of this damn thing!
It's not finished yet as I ran out of foam.. but FFFF- <3

Wheee (Posted 24th April 2011)

Sooo I finally got started on the collar today~! Just needs a bit extra shaping and then covering!
I've also pencilled on the patterning, but you can't see that - obviously.

Progress~ (Posted 10th November 2010)

This is how far I got before expo~ Oh, and the gloves are being digested by my bedroom atm. I'm wearing my contacts aswell, but they don't show too great~
Ffff- dat bodysuit seethroughness~
Still needs painting, flesh colored pants and a neckbrace, but other than that I'd say she's pretty much done. So maybeee she'll appear sometime next year?

(Also, YAY rubbish phone quality pictures as my cameras in Belgium D&lt;)