Costume :Amada Shiro
Variant :The quite smart version
Source :Gundam 8th MS team
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Amecon 2010

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Costume Information

Cost : £20
Time Taken : 2.5 days

For the Amecon ball!
It is my favourite Gundam series and my favourite character after umm...Domon Kasshu.

Should please some of my friends.
Really hoping that I get a ballgown Aina to accompany me.


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belty buckle! (Posted 10th August 2010)

Started and completed his belt tonight!
t's pretty much 2 strips of black leatherette sewed front to front then turned rightside-out.
Quick buckle made from cutting out the shape from magnetic craft foam and covering it with silver pvc.
This was sewn onto the long belt and a large snap fastener used to secure it round my waist, since it's not supportive in function, this should hopefully keep it in place.

Oh! and found a white polo neck shirt on Saturday!

10 years after...jk (Posted 27th July 2010)

took me 2 days to make and line the jacket. Took me a smidge longer to find a close enough shade of tan/camel for the main part. The rest is duchess satin which makes it super comfy to wear.
All that's left to make is the belt since the white polo neck, white trousers and black boots are all owned.