Costume :Apothecary
Source :Romeo and Juliet
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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So.. many... parts *shot*


Costume Information

Cost : £9

This is for 's version of Romeo & Juliet... MoonLily's sorting everything out, talk to her for details and stuff..


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Sew scarves togetherHighPlanned

Shopping List

Various materials (scarves)£9.00Bought
Tank Top (for underneath)£0.00To Buy
Bag£0.00To Buy
Plastic Chemistry Set£0.00To Buy


Being sneaky (Posted 4th October 2010)

This year my cosplays seem to be doubling. I mean, aside from the obvious using my Miku wig a lot, I'm going to be a Hallowe'en Miku and hopefully use the outfit for an OC later in the year/next year. As well as that, a costume I'm making for the show I'm in later this week is being used for my Apothecary...

I suppose I'm just being cost effient!