Kingdom Hearts II

Cosplayer: Littlegeeky

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

2nd August 2010: Ventilating is a bitc- I'm basically threading the front of my Axel wig. This is the progress from about 2 hours... yeah... not good. I'm getting better though at it. I just hope it looks a bit better the more I do ^_^ Once I've done this I'll sew it to the wig them I'm ready to style the spike of doom!!!! Then just sharpie the roots and thats complete ^w^

22nd July 2010: Ironically... After an hour of putting up my last journal my Axel coat arrived a week earlier than what I thought it would and it fits like a dream, it was worth the £70 (cries) Just make-up, wig and chakrems to go YAY!!!! 8D

Mocha-Berrytan avatar

Mocha-Berrytan - 26th April 2008
The wig is fun to style, trust me (:

PapercutPerfect avatar

PapercutPerfect - 26th April 2008
Good luck with ze wig! 8D

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 26th April 2008
Thanks *sweatdrop* I'm dreading it though. Both of your guys Axel's wigs are just perfect and I've never styled a wig before... well pratice does makes perfect I surpose.

Mocha-Berrytan avatar

Mocha-Berrytan - 29th April 2008
I can always suggest a certain type of wig. Bloo does hers in a more advance way, i think she sews two different wigs together to get the little odd hairline he has but if you just want a straight hairline wig like mine a good one to buy is something like this:
if you're buying off ebay just search 'Red Tina Turner wig'
I found that the poofy head bit made it a lot easier to make the spikes defy gravity.

bakurakat avatar

bakurakat - 22nd July 2010
you are going to make a freaking amazing Axel hun! <3

MadameLapin avatar

MadameLapin - 21st August 2010
You make such an amazing Axel! Well done <3

PapercutPerfect avatar

PapercutPerfect - 4th September 2010
Wow, you look amazing honey! GREAT job on the wig!

DrunkleyCP avatar

DrunkleyCP - 29th September 2010
Looks Awesome!

- avatar

- - 29th September 2010
You are one of the best Axels on here. <3

j_mercuryuk avatar

j_mercuryuk - 9th November 2010
You're one of the best Axel's I've seen. Everhing was well made and you have just the right body type to make you the prefect Axel. Well done. :D

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 29th April 2011
Amazing Axel. Love the wig and the props. Looking fantastic.