Costume :Karou Hitachiin
Source :Ouran High School Host Club
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2008

Costume Photos

New Hair.

Old Hair

Old - 2008


Costume Information

Cost : £30 (roughly)
Time Taken : 3 Hours

(If you watch the video, foward to 2:14 ^_^)

UPDATE - 2011
Ok recently I bleached my hair and it went
ginger, so before dying it again
I thought it would be a good opportunity
to do this cosplay again seens though
it was so long ago.

The blazer has writing on because it was
signed by Vic Mignogna, but shhh
pretend its not there XD


Ok my first EVER cosplay,
going quite well, i have:

*Ginger hairspray
*Ouran badge
*White Blazer
*Purple dye
*Purple Ribbon

I sewed ribbon onto tie (took quite a while my sewing machine broke =[)
dyed my blazer light blue in a washing up bowl. now all i have to do i dye my white rose purple and iron on the badge :)
should be finnished soon.

I have Finnished! Yaay!


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hehehe, that, is pretty cool, withouth the die it looks like ouran in a snowstorm.

by animeaddict on Saturday, 26 April, 2008 - 13:49
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hehe true,true....

by Black-Cat-1 on Sunday, 27 April, 2008 - 12:11


by HitachiinTwin01 on Wednesday, 30 April, 2008 - 18:13
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yay! Akastuki's on cosplay island!
konban wa!

by Hexi on Wednesday, 30 April, 2008 - 19:29
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hey all, Lool
ty for the comments XD

by Black-Cat-1 on Thursday, 1 May, 2008 - 15:53
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I love you guys :)

by Captain_Marvelous on Tuesday, 13 July, 2010 - 20:54
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Cute ness!

by kittenaid on Tuesday, 13 July, 2010 - 21:30
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Cute ness!

by kittenaid on Tuesday, 13 July, 2010 - 21:31
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this is awesome! really suites you ^^
I'm planning to cosplay him next year :D

by gbow on Monday, 5 September, 2011 - 22:23