Costume :Super Sailor Moon
Variant :Sera Myu
Source :Sailor Moon
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Minamicon 14 (2008)

Costume Photos

Kiss from a rose


More Luna Love

Tsukini kawatte...


Costume Information

Cost : £150 (estimation)
Time Taken : 200+

This costume has been being-made since Minamicon13. The first make of it went very, very wrong. Unbelievably wrong, in fact! The wig, which I decided to make from scratch with about 9 packs of extensions, was a failure, to say the least! So that version was scrapped, and the base saved to make this version. I have been reworking it constantly, and it is still not finished. I need to re-make the waistband, and the bodice, and the front bow, AND the collar. Gosh, just a little bit!

This version of the costume is the most recent, worn at Minamicon 14. Still not happy with it, but it's definitely getting there!

All the photographs with the watermark on are used with kind permission of Redkun at CosplaySnap.


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Yay! I loved this costume at Minami...so...sparkly! :P

by MoonLily on Saturday, 26 April, 2008 - 13:32
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I saw this one at Expo last October and I have a photo =D
Lucky you to have your own Tuxedo Kamen!

by Leonie Heartilly on Wednesday, 10 September, 2008 - 19:53
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awwwwww wow I love your costume!! I wanna attempt Sera Myu style Sailor Moon in the future some time!! Great job!!

by Mew Rocky on Friday, 19 December, 2008 - 18:38
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yay I love your Sailor cotsumes! I was so happy I got to see them up close at expo!

by GunstarVixen on Thursday, 4 June, 2009 - 11:17
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Such a fabulous cosplay! I echo GunstarVixen, I love all your Sailor Moon costumes! :3

by ShadowAlpha on Thursday, 25 June, 2009 - 09:06
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Your SuperSailormoon is gorgeous! <3

by Naosa on Tuesday, 6 October, 2009 - 20:49

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