Costume :The Erase
Source :CardCaptor sakura
Progress :Planned
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2010

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Costume Information

Cost : nothing at the moment, I already had the material
Time Taken : an hour, i think. Just redeisgning

Going to start after I come back from scottland on the 16th August. I've already got the material for the main dress part and hat.

Going to change the design a little but i'm going to draw it up for myself but i'm going to keep the main essence of the erase card. :D


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ooooh an erase card :D i love this card XD

by blackorcid on Sunday, 22 April, 2012 - 22:20

To-Do List

Finish a little redesignHighComplete
Find a pattern for the flared bottems or make one myselfHighIn Progress
Make main part of the outfit (cheaked part) HighPlanned
Plan and make internal wire structure for the hat MediumIn Progress
oh and make the undershirtMediumPlanned
Make the hatMediumPlanned
Make and cut a pattern for hatMediumPlanned
Find a nice trim for the edges MediumPlanned
Find a mirrorish like materal LowPlanned


Started (Posted 24th July 2010)

(I just start by saying, I have learning dis. So my spelling and grammer can be REALLY bad and I'm sorry about it.)

I just finished my redesign of this costume. Changing the dress part into flared trousers as I will be doing alot of walking and I want to be confotable.

I was going to scan the drawing up but i've ran out of time. I should have been in bed a few hours ago because I waking up at 5 in the morning to go away. I was finishing conmissions and I few other bits. :S

could draw up a proper drawing when I'm away.

Anyway, just wanted to show that I am still doing this costume. Just need to find a pattern to help me do the main part of the pants (given up on trying to spell trousers).