Costume :France (Francis Bonnefoy)
Variant :Mime
Source :Axis Powers Hetalia
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Mime France

Mime France and Greece

Pervert France

Mime France

France's Tree!


Costume Information

Cost : 20.00ish

Casual 'Mime' France for Zoe's Around the World 21st Party (it has a hidden Hetalia theme :D).

I did Football France for the Manga Exhibition at Lymington Museum so I decided a different variation and, apart from men with garlic around their necks (which would smell) what is more French than a Mime?

(NB: I couldn't find an image of France as a Mime :( !)

Worn at:
Serparon's birthday meet


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To-Do List

Black TrousersHighComplete
Black and White Stripped Top (with waistcoat)HighComplete
Black ShoesLowComplete

Shopping List

Mime Outfit£19.99Bought


Been Shopping ^__^ (Posted 26th July 2010)

Well I had some time today so I nipped into town to get some things for this (since Zoe's birthday is this Saturday XD). I decided to try fancy dress shops for braces and beret but they were minimun £5 each!!

So no go there.... if I did that it'd have cost me well over £20 since I'd have to find a tee and they can cost anything!!

So I bought a 'mon dieu' outfit from the shop - a french man's outfit which happen to have a black & white striped shirt, waistcoat and beret for £20! So I bought it!! I'm sure I have so black trousers at home somewhere so this is now more or less done :D yays!!