Costume :Rinoa Heartilly's Dion Rogers Alt (Retired)
Source :Final Fantasy VIII/8
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon III (2011)

Costume Photos

At Kitacon

At Kitacon


The Pose

Rinoa With Angelo The Cat



Costume Information

Cost : 25.99
Time Taken : 2 Months On and Off

I have always loved this design of Rinoa as I have love the Dion Rogers design but I'm not confident enough to do that version so when I saw this I knew I had to do it. I wasn't sure when I was going to wear this but I have decided that I'm going to do it now ^_^ why not? Also I have a lot of the stuff but my Rinoa cosplay so I just need to rebuy some stuff and edit the things I have.

Also I'm not doing it as blonde...I will stick with Rinoa's black hair

credit of the design goes to Thyamant on DA

I have decided to put this into retirement as I took more photos of this today, but I am very unlikely to wear this again. I am using the blue fabric from this for another cosplay so this will be recycled and maybe used for different outfits.


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Can't wait for this! ^___^


by letmelive on Monday, 19 July, 2010 - 13:36
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thank you...not sure when Im going to start it yet though lol

by SamanthaKaiba on Monday, 19 July, 2010 - 13:49
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Ohoho~ havent seen this version before.

:D can't wait to see!

by CharlotteLuna on Monday, 8 November, 2010 - 20:35
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Yeah I really like it...not sure when I will do this though as I have loads I want to start now lol

by SamanthaKaiba on Monday, 8 November, 2010 - 21:12
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Wow! That's looking really good so far!

by DuskatNight on Sunday, 13 February, 2011 - 12:28
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Wow! This looks awesome :D can't wait to see it on you ^_^

by BabemRoze on Sunday, 13 February, 2011 - 14:36
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Thanks guys...this one wasn't as bad as I thought it would be

by SamanthaKaiba on Sunday, 13 February, 2011 - 19:37
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You look so stunning in these new pictures! And the hair style suits you so much! x.

by FusionRose on Monday, 24 October, 2011 - 19:23
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Thank looked so much better today than at Kita, which is annoying lol I love that's my Julia wig. I thought it suited the short haired Rinoa better and it worked out well ^_^

by SamanthaKaiba on Monday, 24 October, 2011 - 19:27
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I love those pictures of us!!! :D You look fab my dear!! xx

by BabemRoze on Monday, 24 October, 2011 - 19:29
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They are great and I'm glad I have finally added's been months lol we looked great ^_^

by SamanthaKaiba on Monday, 24 October, 2011 - 19:32
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You look so pretty! <3 <3 and agreed - the wig really does suit you ^^ x

by Pandora-Chi on Tuesday, 25 October, 2011 - 23:50
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I am glad that this wig suits me as I am planning on using it a lot..^_^ Thank you for the kind words

by SamanthaKaiba on Wednesday, 26 October, 2011 - 00:25
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I remember meeting you in this. I like the variation very much

by j_mercuryuk on Wednesday, 26 October, 2011 - 14:19
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It is a great version...and I do prefer it to the normal Dion Rogers as it's more covered

by SamanthaKaiba on Wednesday, 26 October, 2011 - 14:58
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To be honest, I'm not that keen on the original Dion Rogers version, so I definitely like this version best

by j_mercuryuk on Thursday, 27 October, 2011 - 09:06
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It's not the best version of her...I love this version so much more

by SamanthaKaiba on Thursday, 27 October, 2011 - 13:25

To-Do List

Create Top From Blue FabricHighComplete
Find Black TopHighComplete
Buy Brown BeltHighComplete
Buy Blue FabricHighComplete
Add Skirt to ShortsHighComplete
Buy ShortsHighComplete
Create Arm Warmer From Blue FabricHighIn Progress
Make Rinoa Boots More ComfortableLowComplete
Alter Black TopLowPlanned

Shopping List

Brown Belt£4.50Bought
Blue Fabric£5.00Bought


Finished (Posted 13th February 2011)

I have just finished the arm warmer so I have completed this now...I have decided to just put in 2 straps instead of 3 on the armwarmer as it looks better ^_^

Nearly There (Posted 12th February 2011)

I decided today that I wanted to get this outfit out of the way as I was nearly done with it as I had everything pinned together. I managed to attach the blue skirt to the shorts and it looks great, I created the sleeve for the top and added that. All that needs to be done now is making the armwarmer, which I hope to do by tomorrow and then my outfit will be complete

Working On The Top (Posted 4th February 2011)

I managed to get a little time to spend on cosplay today and have managed to get the straps attached onto the main looks okay but I'm not 100% happy with it but it will be okay.

My shorts came yesterday too so I can now get to work on the bottom half too ^_^ I have hemmed the skirt piece and all I need to do now is attach it onto the shorts, which will be done later.

Once that is done I need to create the arm piece that attaches onto the dress and the armwarmer...then my outfit will be complete. The black top may need altered as its a little too big for me now ^_^

Getting Started (Posted 29th January 2011)

I decided to go and buy the fabric for this today...I have been looking for a while but couldn't see one as vibrant as the picture so I went with what I thought looked best. I wanted to have a night working on cosplay as I haven't had that in a while so I cut out the pieces for the top and skirt and have hemmed the top fully...I just need to add the strap where it can tie up and the sleeve on the arm.

I do hope to get this done in a few days but I will see what happens...also sorry for the rubbish cameras don't work well at night T_T