Costume :Seifer Almasy
Source :Final Fantasy VIII
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Love seifer he is made of win, wanted to do him for a while and kimber finally convinced me to aim this for kitacon (most likely) so I decided to put him up


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hells yeah! a very under-cosplayed character :3

by Yamidragon on Thursday, 8 July, 2010 - 14:52
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well I hope to do him juctice

by Defrain on Thursday, 8 July, 2010 - 15:04
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Ah nice one!

I guess this means Kimber's doing Squall? :P

by GAINAX on Thursday, 8 July, 2010 - 16:07
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by kiichan on Thursday, 8 July, 2010 - 18:29
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As I said you really suit him, look forward to doing Squall with you!

by White Leviathan on Thursday, 8 July, 2010 - 20:00
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by Shenny on Thursday, 8 July, 2010 - 20:16
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Come on every one played the game just to have seifer in their party during dollet after that the game was no longer fun

by Defrain on Friday, 9 July, 2010 - 07:44
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Looking forward to seeing this!

by Alias Cosplay on Saturday, 10 July, 2010 - 12:59
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errr he is PERFECT for you i dunno why you havent done him already!

by FairyPorchQueen on Wednesday, 14 July, 2010 - 20:41
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Yay! You are so spot on for him. Can't wait to see

by Sephirayne on Tuesday, 4 January, 2011 - 13:48
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what moody and block headed lol

by Defrain on Thursday, 6 January, 2011 - 09:21
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Looking forward to this!

by Manticore on Monday, 5 March, 2012 - 11:39