Costume :Drop Dead Fred
Source :Drop Dead Fred
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Rik Mayal is hot! *drools* lol. Also, Drop Dead Fred is a fantastically rediculous movie, which I love. Plus, there is a lot of green involved in the costume, which rocks. And I get to be an insane invisible friend. lol.


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OH WOW!!! I love this film so much!! I bet your cosplay will turn out great. I love the bit where he comes into the house with dog poo on his shoes and starts singing that little song as he gets it everywere lol.

by Littlegeeky on Thursday, 31 January, 2008 - 19:51

roflmao. It's fabulous; I adore the film. :D Thank you, I do hope so.

by Pudding on Tuesday, 5 February, 2008 - 17:20