Costume :Uncanny Lacrimosa
Source :Imperial Wings (Original Visual Novel)
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2010

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Back view of Cap



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This is my first time making a design from scratch, and I expect it will be quite a learning curve.


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And so, it begins... (Posted 27th July 2010)

Well, the other costumes for October Expo may be up in the air at present (My financial circumstances having CRASHED, and I desperately need a new dress form) but the Lysanias cherubim is still trickling along. Even if Lacrimosa ends up moving to the Cosplay Ball or even next Expo, it's such a substantial and painfully detailed project that I'm quite happy pottering along, hand-sewing minute details.

Part of the headdress - a kind of tailed Victorian maid's cap in black and white, but mostly black - is nearly finished. I don't want to tack the final backing on until I've decided whether it's going to anchor in my hair, or to the snood (If it's a crocheted or braided snood, it'll probably have to anchor to my hair since it's fairly heavy. If I get my wicked way and it's chain, then it'll be an insignificant weight compared to everything else anchored to my head) and done the appropriate fixtures.

You can only really see the black and white barred pleats when I turn my head at the moment. As it is, the whole thing will probably be an indistinct ruffle of black and white under the top veil, and so it's far more detailed than it ever needed to be, but I'm a slave to accuracy.

I had planned to use a piece of kimono silk for the front apron, but I'm beginning to doubt my choice. It's really too pale. I either need to scrounge up a better concept sketch for the pattern and get to work embroidering, or start hunting charity shops again.

Hoop skirt is repaired, corset is ready to go... and I should really start the bodice sooner rather than later.