Costume :Sheryl Nome
Variant :Blue french dress
Source :Macross Frontier
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Cost : £97.18
Time Taken : --

I bought this costume off Katie cosplays (one of my cosplay idols *A* ) because she was selling it at an offer and in my eyes, it was absolutely the most perfect version of this outfit Sheryl wears and I had always aimed to make it just like hers (one piece dress, rather than a top and a skirt). I'm super lucky the costume is adjustable in length because she's so tall and I'm... not, aha.

It absolutely fits like a dream! I'm hoping to wear it for Japan Expo 2015 because it's a tradition I need to debut a new Sheryl for each JE! As for a UK event, not entirely sure yet!


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To-Do List

Make blue dressHighPlanned
Buy fabricHighPlanned
Plan how to drape dressHighPlanned
White blouseMediumPlanned
Boot coversLowPlanned
White underskirtLowPlanned

Shopping List

Custom charges£21.74Bought


Full Costume (Posted 8th January 2015)

Excuse the lack of makeup, I was doing Uni work and then I got this and had to stop everything and try it on! My friend has my boots atm and I need to buy some gloves, but I managed to make do just for a test!

I also want to trim the fringe on the wig a bit more, it looks a bit funny!

I'm half tempted to make my own wig TBH but we'll see how much spare money I have!

Beret test (Posted 13th September 2011)

I was bored, decided to do a beret test to see if my Noel (Blazblue) beret will work for Sheryl too! I think it does, it's definitely baggy enough! I need to alter it obviously by making the band thingy smaller and sew on some black bias binding as it seems to be edged in black? I need to rewatch it for refs XD
Fingers crossed I can find the right colour jersey or whatever I decide to make the dress out of otherwise I'll be making another beret X_x

I don't suit this cosplay without make up orz...

WANT TO START THIS SOOOOON. Other cosplay plans take priority though, dayummmmm ;;

Yeah I didn't get this done for Japan Expo afterall, couldn't afford it!!