Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Variant: Prologue

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th March 2015: MinamiCon 21 Finished everything in good time for Minami and this time I had the lovely Angelphie with me as Yvaine!

30th January 2015: Finished Facings both sewn in to leave a neat edge :D

28th January 2015: Straps Taking this opportunity to finish missing bits and bobs.

The sleeves now have gathers over the straps, this meant unpicking the turned under hem I rushed in originally, which took ages. Then a strip of matching fabric 3 times the length required was gathered up and sewn down with the inside seam allowance tucked under and the outside edge tacked down flat to catch into the seam allowance at the arm hole.
Another option would be to finish the arm hole and then hand sew the outside edge tucked under, but I'll avoid hand sewing whenever I can!

20th January 2015: Re-Dying In a stroke of incredible luck Dylon released a special edition colour that blew all my manual mixing of dyes out of the water! I bought a couple of packs to be safe and finally plucked up the courage to put the dress and left over fabric through the wash. I was a little nervous about putting my handiwork through that, especially with the purposely raw edged trim, but it came out with only a few trailing frayed threads.

The new colour took perfectly and looks spot on. The plain trim at the bottom of the skirt even took to a close enough shade that I won't worry about matching and replacing it.

9th September 2011: First Outing I finished Una for the May Expo 2011 and it was such a comfortable and fun costume!

Now I've worn it out once I think there are some improvements I can do whilst I wait for the people I've been badgering to make their Stardust costumes (would love to have a group one day) :3

Firstly I want to try dying the dress to a darker shade. I think mixing a deeper blue with the green I have left is the way to go as the turquoise was too light a base colour despite having the right mix of blue/green. Thankfully I have enough off-cuts left to do proper testers of how it will take over the current dye.

Secondly look at that straight fronted silhouette, I now think she's wearing a corset underneath the dress, so I'm going to give that a go next time. She definitely has one in her other costume (which has many references out there), so it's highly likely to be the case here too.

27th June 2011: Props I wanted some props to play with but I couldn't find a real glass snowdrop or fake wildflowers anywhere! In the end I turned to funky foam and used the hairdryer to heat it up and stretch a curve into the petals and stem. I had to keep it in a jewellery box to stop it getting squished on the day :)

I used a load of ball chains linked together for the magic chain, but it was a bit fine so you can't see it in many photos.

25th May 2011: Dress Back I used a separate strip of elastic tape in the skirt back because the more fabric you load on, the less retractable it becomes. Then I could sew the top to the bottom as a normal seam just inside the elastic which was pulled taught.

The ribbon wrapped round her waist is raised on one side through a small loop of thread. Luckily I had some assorted embroidery threads with a turquoise, which I used to put a belt loop on one side. If I wear this again I think I'll put in another loop for the lower ribbon as moved upwards to overlap with it all being one length wrapped round. The other option would be to make the upper ribbon separate to the lower one so the tensions can be different.

24th May 2011: Joining And the gathering continues...

I used the pulling two threads method to gather the skirts along the front half and then join them to the top front.
The back is still separate; the next step will be joining it using the elastic in the waistband, so I can't just gather it like the front. I may need to use some pleats and light gathers as the elastic doesn't gather as much fabric as the threads method at it's tightest (elastic - 2.3x reduction, threads - 5x reduction).

This is the kind of thing I usually spend ages thinking about before I attempt it (I take way too long on costumes), but there's only a few days left if I want to wear this to Expo.

24th May 2011: Frills I added some straps to the top and used my overlocker gathering attachment to easily add the frills onto the front panels.

I should have used a stay stitch to hold the panel shape while I did this (hindsight is a wonderful thing). The whole front is cut diagonally (on the bias) and it stretched into a curve as I added the frills, thankfully because the front is gathered I can even it out, but I would have been starting again if it was a flat top!

The frills were torn off the fabric sheet rather than cut to get that fluffy frayed edging. From what I can see in the references the top is folded into the waist, rather than gathered, which will stop the waist seam getting too bulky. I've sewn the front down permanently so it will always sit nicely and the elasticated waist at the back will let me get it on and off.

14th May 2011: Gathers There is so much gathering on this dress!

For the gathers at the shoulders I needed much tighter gathers than my overlocker can do. I sewed two parallel rows of long stitches along the seam allowance then pulling on the two ends on one side of the fabric gathers the fabric up. Having two rows keeps the gathers straight making it easier to get a neat appearance when you sew the seam together.

For the back I used elastic tape so I wont have to use any zips or fastenings to get the dress on. It makes nice gathers, but can be tricky to keep the tape stretched out as tight as it can go whilst sewing it down to the fabric (make sure the needle is down so nothing shifts if you need to let go midway).

The back can bag a little, but I'm pretty sure the skirts are going to be heavy, so that should pull it flat.

14th May 2011: Checking In The down side to journals is seeing just how long ago the last update really was! Has it really been so long?

Over the last few weeks I have done more on this. I drafted a wrap top pattern from an old Readers Digest sewing book (yay freebies) and made a mock up out of cheap cotton to see where I'd need to change it for Una. I extended the back panel as it's gathered all the way across and lowered the front panel to gather into straps rather than join at the shoulder.

Quite a bit of trial and error, but I'm happy with the way it's going so far.

Currently trying to decide if it's worth buying the blue piano shawl she sometimes wears. Actually typing this I can't remember it appearing in the film, only the promo shots...maybe not worth it.

26th October 2010: Accessories I just bought a whole mixed set of hair clips to get one that matches my cosplay ref. The things we do for this hobby!

I think I already have some earrings that will do as I can't find a single shot on the DVD that gives a clear picture of hers. I can just make out something dangly and turquoise catching the light though.

17th October 2010: Dress Progress This is the skirt portion of the dress done, it's a 4m tube that will be gathered and pleated at the waist.

The trim didn't seem to have a hem in the pictures, so I used a double thickness folded at the bottom (pretty handy as the trim is flimsier than the main fabric I used and this bulks it up).

When I dyed the embroidered fabric I threw in some plain white cottons for the trim, but they both took the dye to completely different shades, so I had to hunt round the market for anything that matched and came back with this plain soft cotton. The camera flash makes it seem more vivid, but in person they're not so different.

I managed to find a really lovely wig with lose curls on eBay, nearly went for styling my own as all the perfect ones were ~£100 lace fronts, then this one popped up for £20!

28th September 2010: Petticoats 2 Petticoat complete!

I am so in love with my rolled hem foot and the gathering attachment on my overlocker. They saved so much time hemming and attaching all that ruffling <3
It was my first time trying out the gathering settings and it went really well, just have to feed the fabric really carefully through the machine as it gathers the lower piece of fabric, which can get caught up under the top piece and hang around by the needles.

The petticoat should stop the dress looking flat and thin; before I noticed it I had thought the dress hung like a really full skirt, now I know why. There are also little holes in the embroidered fabric for the dress so I needed to put something underneath anyway XD

I've got to the stage where I'm watching the DVD with the pause button at the ready. Not only the petticoat, but she has earrings, black suede sandals and a little flower clip in her hair!! Costume designers you are so subtle, I thought this was a simple one!

17th September 2010: Petticoats Hunting for references I stumbled across this one which shows a super petticoat!

Luckily I'd bought a load of 99p cotton to use for mockups, lining and odd job fabric. My petticoat is a circle skirt of four pieces (took 3m of fabric) cut slightly longer at the back to account for my big bum. I made 12m of ruffles before running out of fabric, but I'm aiming to have about 21m+. They look really tightly gathered in the pic so I want at least three times longer than the hem circumference. I'm going to put a drawstring in the waist rather than elastic, so I can position it at whatever height looks best under the dress.

13th September 2010: Dye Fail So the battik dye needs a sealer applied or it washes out almost instantly...

The dye pooled into gathered areas and only lightly touched others, plus even the tiniest of droplets on the fabric instantly formed a tye dye ring as there's loads of excess dye. This was so frustrating, I'd found the perfect colour and it's completely impractical to use on large amounts of fabric (unless you want very pale shades or are after that uneaven battik look).

Backup plan time, I turned to Dylon and got a turquoise that almost matched and their amazon green to make it a little less blue and hopefully darken it at the same time.
The battik dye washed out without any problems leaving everything a pale turquoise and then I stuck it in the washing machine with the dylon colours mixed to a ratio I'd tested.

It's come out lighter than I wanted due to the fabric content (bah they said it was 100% cotton, liars), but it's the right tone so I'm fairly happy with it. Annoyingly the genuine cotton trim fabric has taken the dye better than the dress fabric so it's a much richer colour.

9th September 2010: Colouring I am now a SMURF! I used gloves whilst dying and then took them off to tidy up...all the dye >.<

So yeah, I did some testers with the actual fabric and tried one neat, a bit watered down and a very watered down version. The neat one was the winner (adding water pushes it into neon colours). I then tested a bit with embroidery on. It looks like the while the fabric is cotton, but the thread is synthetic and doesn't hold the dye, so I may end up with silver patterns instead of darker turquoise. I'd love to have it perfect, but to be honest this is probably the closest I can get it and in silver they might show up more in photos, which would make it worth spending so long looking for the right fabric!

No, I'm not going to draw over all the threads in thin marker pen :p

The plain skirt trim is now drying alongside the dress fabric which I've scrunched up to keep it's crinkly effect when it dries.

24th June 2010: Fabric Dye I've been looking into a lot of fabric dyes. All the main brand 'turquoise' colours are very blue and the one that did look right has been discontinued in standard packs (but available in £50 bulk tins, helpful). I was looking into mixing dyes, but not too keen on this as it means precise measurements and getting it right multiple times.

Then the other day a liquid dye popped up in my eBay search, Berol liquid batik dye, in turquoise. When I dipped the test piece in it seemed very blue and I thought it was another dead end, but I left it out to dry and when I came back it had dried to a greener shade! Put it up against the references and it's spot on, I'll need to water it down for the paler shade, but no hue mixing hassles!

24th June 2010: Fabric Hunting I've been keeping an eye out for fabric over the last year and realised I was unlikely to find fabric with both the colour and pattern I needed.

A month ago I stumbled over the closest pattern I'd seen yet in white cotton and on sale! I snapped it up and on getting home to look at pictures it's actually a very close match, a bit less leafy, but without making it myself (not going to happen) I'm very happy with it.

Now to find the right fabric dye.

perfectly_purple avatar

perfectly_purple - 24th June 2010
Stardust <3 ^_^ Love the film and Una is so pretty!

BlusterSquall avatar

BlusterSquall - 29th September 2010
This is gonna look so pretty~ <3

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 29th September 2010
Awesome! I love Stardust. I was tempted to make Yvaine's costume at some point.

Your going to look amazing as Una. I can't wait to see it.

Cosplex avatar

Cosplex - 2nd June 2011
I'm glad to see that you got if finished. Gorgeous!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 2nd June 2011
awesome! :D

j_mercuryuk avatar

j_mercuryuk - 4th June 2011
So cool; Stardust cosplay :d Love the dress, it's so beautiful.

Metamorphica Cosplay avatar

Metamorphica Cosplay - 17th June 2011
ah youve done this so well, and from one of my favourite feel good movies!

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 17th June 2011
Love this. You looked so lovely. Great job on the dress ;)

Nocturnal Blossom avatar

Nocturnal Blossom - 6th September 2011
I love this, you look stunning! Good job on Stardust cosplay too~ am a sneaky lover of that film!

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 9th September 2011
Thank you for the lovely comments <3

Looking back at the refs now in comparison to my photos I think she's wearing a corset under her dress, super boob lifting! I might give that a go next time :)

Donna avatar

Donna - 14th September 2011
I don't think I've seen anyone cosplay her before, great choice - you really suit her! Love the dress ^_^

Angelphie avatar

Angelphie - 28th September 2011
Yay, so pretty! So much attention to detail and you found wonderful fabric and a lovely wig. Stardust group will definitely happen…one day!

Clockwork Dandy Noodles avatar

Clockwork Dandy Noodles - 16th July 2013
Oh my D8 It is so nice to see someone cosplay from Stardust, fantastic book and film. You have pulled her of amazingly.

Angelphie avatar

Angelphie - 8th April 2015
The new colour is perfect :) So glad we finally got photos together!

MadameLapin avatar

MadameLapin - 18th July 2015
This is breathtakingly gorgeous *-*