Costume :Spider Splicer
Variant :Baby Jane model
Source :Bioshock
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Dress pattern

Hooks complete

Hooks in progress

Baby Jane model

Reference 2

Reference 1


Costume Information

Cost : £35
Time Taken : 3-ish hours so far

So we've had a bit of a change of plan with this one. It isn't going to be a cosplay as such, more of a halloween costume. It's perfect for a Club Noir (burlesque) event, so I think we'll try and get it done for then. Luck (and parents) have graced me with a sewing machine finally, and my know-how is still intact, so I've tracked down the perfect pattern and fabric and after a bit of practice we should be ready to roll!


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Apparently argos do cheap sewing machines. I need one too!
are you really not going to October expo?! I was thinking i might give May '11 a miss in exchange for trying a con instead so I won't get to see you at all! :(

by visiting_wizard on Wednesday, 30 June, 2010 - 18:00
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Do it for may expo, were possibly doing a group and so far we have
Subject Delta
Eleanor Lamb
Big Sister
Little sister
and a thug splicer

by ryaoki on Monday, 19 July, 2010 - 13:58

To-Do List

Make hooksLowComplete
Buy patternLowComplete
Buy wound makeupLowPlanned
Buy fabricLowPlanned
Make dressLowPlanned

Shopping List

Liquid latex£2.99To Buy
Fake blood£3.99To Buy
Satin back crepe£14.95To Buy
Contrasting satin back crepe£5.99To Buy


Pfff (Posted 10th December 2010)

Well, looks like I can't do May '11 Expo either, so this is another one that'll have to be shelved.

Little Progress :( (Posted 22nd August 2010)

So eBay seller lady still hasn't sent out my swatches after a week and a half. Oh well. I'm off to London tomorrow and I'm back on Thursday so hopefully they'll be waiting for me when I get back ~_¬ But I have managed to get some material with which to make the mock-up of the corset. My Dad is cleaning out his house so he can rent it out and he was getting rid of a bunch of bedding. So I snagged a hideous looking undersheet which I can cut and pin when the time comes XD Hopefully more eventful updates to follow...

Swatches were indeed waiting when I got back! However, the seller didn't label which fabric was which ¬¬ So my guess is that the better one is the satin backed crepe. It's a more subtle colour and it's not so shiny. So that's decision made! It's just a case of buying the 3m length now.

Success and indecision (Posted 9th August 2010)

Okay, so the hooks are done and I don't have to worry about them anymore. They've got two coats of paint and all they need is perhaps a little fake blood to make them look used XD
But now I'm having a bit of a faff with making the dress. Up until now I've had in my head I'll use a velvet material but yesterday I started thinking that the stretchiness of velvet is going to make it fiendishly difficult to sew. So what I'm having a look at now is either polyester satin or satin back crepe. I'm waiting to see whether the seller on eBay is willing to send me some swatches so I can make a decision. Though the good news is that both are cheaper than velvet XD

The eBay seller has agreed to send out swatches of both materials so I can make an informed decision. Yay!

So~ (Posted 3rd August 2010)

I started making the hooks today. They're just cardboard and a couple of cocktail sticks to keep them sturdy. I'll papier mache the second one the day after tomorrow; I did the first one today and it was a disaster @___@ I don't quite know what I got wrong but I'll try again and see what's what.

Brainwave (Posted 5th July 2010)

I've had a thought about how to make myself look barefoot for this costume. My plan is to buy a pair of tan ballet shoes and wear them under my tights. Then at least I don't have any obvious shoes on and I'm not tramping the ExCeL in bare feet x.x

Planning, planning, planning (Posted 30th June 2010)

It's probably utter madness for me to want to make this costume myself. Since I haven't done any sewing in eight years and don't actually own a sewing machine. But anyway, it'll be a nice project for me.
My plan is to make a green velvet corset and use it as a base. Then I can make the skirt separately before loosely attaching sleeves. I have access to an online corsetry manual which will hopefully take things slowly and easily enough for me to follow. I'm sooooo looking forward to getting started. Even if the first challenge is to try to save up and buy said sewing machine XD