Costume :Anna
Source :Final Fantasy IV
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

I have wanted to do this costume since about 2007... I'm going to do both the living and shot with an arrow/bleeding everywhere version cos I am just awesome like that. ;P

My mum gave me her bridsemaids dress from my auntie's wedding, which I am going to use as a base for this; it is gloriously 1980's, poufy and comes with a matching bag and underskirt. I also collect and am often gifted random fabric by people and have been amassing various different gold brocade curtains, etc. for this.

I am excited to make the circlet as well because I love making stained glass jewellery and don't always have much time or opportunity to play with the solder and glass grinder. So, well breaking that out.


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