Costume :Riku
Source :Kingdom Hearts II
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2009

Costume Photos




Costume Information

Cost : £55~ish - some fabric I got for free or was bought for me.
Time Taken : 5 hours at most, I think.

Originally planned to be a couple-cosplay between myself and my best friend (who was going to be Sora), she had to pull out because of MCM falling around exam period.
Thank god, a transitional costume. I say that since it's not quite entirely made by me, but it wasn't bought, so... yeah, whatever. The fabrics I used to make the strips of colour on the vest and pockets on the jeans were taken from my school's fabric cupboard (thank you, textiles department), while the vest itself was bought in Odaiba, Japan, and the jeans were bought in Primark. My mother bought the belt for me and I created a blindfold for it ~just in case~. Additionally I decided to shell out and buy a compression vest from T-Kingdom which is amazing and works wonders (I'm a DD/E cup and wearing it I'm practically reduced to flatness).
Oh, and I'm wearing second-hand shoes with it, too. Joys.
The wig was pretty hit-and-miss since I bought the first longish silver one I saw off eBay, so it's not as long as his hair is in-game, but it'll do. I used my mother as a wighead while I cut a decent fringe for it, and thankfully it turned out better than previous stylings. :D

[No in-progress pictures since I don't seem to have a camera lead and only took one picture after I'd finished anything, grr]


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