Costume :Slinky Dog
Source :Toy Story
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For the 'You are a Toy' cosplay group :D

When this group was first suggested, I jumped at being Slinky because he's my favourite in Toy Story. I kind of said it as a joke... somehow it turned in to a real costume XD

Obviously, the first idea was to make it as a two-person thing like those horse costumes. But I didn't think anyone would want to be my back half, and I lack the construction skills, and can you IMAGINE navigating expo in something like that? So I decided some kind of humanized version was needed. I eventually settled on a kigurumi-style costume, with the middle cut out and wire wrapped around like a spring.

It was so much fun to make- It was actually my first time doing sleeves and trousers so both of those were an adventure, but luckily due to the baggy style I didn't have to be too exact. Also I've done a lot of stuff with fleece, so I'm used to that :D It is also the single most comfy thing EVER. Fleece trousers need to come in to fashion.

Edit: Popping this in to complete because I'm unlikely to make the paws any time soon and I'm just wearing it without XD


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by FlyingMammal on Monday, 14 June, 2010 - 19:21
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... which end? lol

by callmemilo on Monday, 14 June, 2010 - 19:27

Awesome! You should get a friend to do this with you and have a half each so you can spread out!

by Anggul on Monday, 14 June, 2010 - 19:29
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That is going to be so epic if you go through with it 8D

by My__RoadOfBlood on Monday, 14 June, 2010 - 20:57
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Haha I wish I could make it as two people but I totally don't have the skillz XD I was thinking of making it kigurumi style, with a big spring around the middle haha.

by Crazedteensie on Monday, 14 June, 2010 - 21:10
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can't wait to see thissss xD this is going to look awesome~

by LemonPanda on Saturday, 26 June, 2010 - 10:25
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*patiently watches* hehehhe

by FlyingMammal on Saturday, 7 August, 2010 - 16:27
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This will look epically interesting. C:

by ShadowChan on Saturday, 7 August, 2010 - 17:49
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this has got to be the most original cosplay idea I think I've come across! Looking forward to seeing progress of this!

by FuriePhoenix on Saturday, 7 August, 2010 - 19:04
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This is brilliant, a really great idea :D

by Amy-Lou on Wednesday, 8 September, 2010 - 15:23
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I heart Slinky Dog!!!

by DrunkleyCP on Wednesday, 8 September, 2010 - 16:41
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This is so cute! Adorable design and such a great idea :'D!

by Charlie-Bear on Wednesday, 8 September, 2010 - 16:52
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Looking awesome Cat
Its a really great idea :D

by Yasmia on Saturday, 20 November, 2010 - 12:11

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Whole Top (Posted 8th August 2010)

That's the whole top half done! 8D

Top (Posted 7th August 2010)

Topish part done! 8D

Face (Posted 7th August 2010)

Is done 8D Ears next!