Costume :Miku Hatsune
Variant :Saihate
Source :Vocaloid
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Basic Outfit

drawing ref

Mai Figure


Costume Information

At London MCM expo May 2010, I bought a figure of this version. Had no idea what version it was, but, it was the 1st Miku i found and it looked adorable >w< so yeah, I bought it ;3
So I looked for 'Miku Saihate' as that's what the name says on the box ( cuz I can read katakana 83 yays! )and found the song. And... ffff, i freakin love it. It's so sad, but, so amazing :''3
Considering I WILL be Miku-chan at some point anyway, and I have most of the outfit already in any case, I decided to put this as planned on here ^^

I know I plan a lot of outfits, but, they will be done slowly, and when i feel like it or/and have an event to wear them at<3
Anyone else done or plan to do a saihate version of a vocaloid? ^^


Just get the wig,
and it will be perfect :3

by Miku Hatsune on Sunday, 20 February, 2011 - 10:53

To-Do List

jacket( cats scratched it tho D': need to somehow fix it, cuz thread is coming out of it.. )MediumComplete
black tieMediumComplete
knee high black socksMediumComplete
black ribbons for twintails on wigMediumComplete
black pumps( I have some but they hurt my feet. Would need better ones for walking ) or mary-janes pref ;3MediumPlanned
pink flower( make one? xD )MediumPlanned
black pleated skirt( I have a black one that would work, just it doesn't have box pleats )LowPlanned