Richard Cypher
Legend of the Seeker

Cosplayer: FFZidane

Variant: Normal

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

8th June 2010: Getting there XD Bought material for pants! and wrist bands, althou kinda messed up the crossguard on the sword....oh well XD and my shirt which is gonna be modified is on its way! things are getting there, althou the waist coat/jacket things look like they will have to be scratch made damn it XD

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Anonymous - 7th June 2010
I LOVE the Legend of the Seeker! Can't wait to see this - I always wanted to do Kahlan =3

FFZidane avatar

FFZidane - 7th June 2010
lol thanks xD hopefully I can do it justice! Althou I will be getting some help off my Kahlen XD

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naurarwen - 8th September 2010
Just randomly hun was mulling this over today as obviously I'm hoping to do a Richard costume as well at some point but I'm thinking there must be a pattern out there somewhere to help with the leather gilet type thing he wears. I'm going to have a look over some patterns tonight and if I find it will send you a link via pm.