Costume :Rin Tohsaka
Variant :Casaul
Source :Fate/Stay Night
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Auchinawa 2010

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Fate/Stay Night group 2

Fate/Stay Night group

Rin and Archer

Master and Servant

Rin Reference


Costume Information

Cost : £3 (mainly because a friend paid for the entire cosplay)

Although I love Fate/Stay Night, I never really thought about cosplaying as someone from the series and it maybe because none of the characters appeal to me in terms of costumes or likeness.

Spirit_of_the_stage decided he wanted to cosplay as Archer for Auchinawa 10 and asked if I wanted to cosplay as Rin to make it a joint cosplay and in the end, I agreed because she is my favourite character from the series as well as everyone saying Rin is the character which I resemble the most, so this is an excuse.

I already own the socks, skirt and shoes, so it was a matter of making the red top and finding the wig. Spirit_of_the_stage made the top and brought the wig for me in exchange of making his Hayate staff (Nanoha) and Archers swords.


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Looks good Ichigo-Chan. :)

by Ranma1-2 on Saturday, 25 September, 2010 - 23:14

To-Do List

Hair ribbons/bowsMediumComplete
Azure daggerLowPlanned

Shopping List

Blasa wood£2.30Bought


Complete! (Posted 17th September 2010)

Thanks very much to Spirit_of_the_stage for buying/modifying my Rin costume aswell as buying the wig for me. What is left to be done is collect the cosplay from him and make sure it fits okay *fingers cross everything will be okay!*

Costume is now moved to the complete status, however still yet to make Archers swords and Rin's Azure dagger.

On the other note, I found a necklace from the markets which had red jewels suited for Rin, so thats another bonus ^^