Costume :Alice/Mr. Rabbit
Variant :EGA/Neo-Victorian
Source :Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking Glass
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Auchinawa 2006

Costume Photos

Hide and Seek

She's Behind You!

Out if Time


Following the Leader




Through the Looking Glass


Costume Information

Cost : 53.95/20
Time Taken : About 15-20 hours over a few weeks


My friends and I decided to do a gothic lolita cosplay for our first anime convention and I really wanted a blonde wig... so we ended up deciding to do Alice in Wonderland after some dicussion. But I eventually would have ended up doing Alice anyway because I've loved that story since I was very little, even if I still don't understand it too well! However, I ended up being the only member of my group who actually finished theirs in time and was a very lonesome Alice. I won't buy any more corsetry from Primark, it's cheap and nasty and loses it's shape after a couple of hours, thus looking stupid and being uncomfortable (luckily the jacket hid it). The lace around the jacket cuffs didn't turn out how I wanted it to, but it's still really pretty. I think I should've tiered it instead of just layering it, but it's not bad for a first attempt. I'll rember that in future, hopefully! The shoes were easiest, I already had them in a cupboard (result!). I love that I randomly hoard stuff like that. The bustle was hardest. That alone took me about 8 and a half hours. By hand. I had no clue what I was doing as I've never made one (or anything that complex for that matter) before. Adimittedly it would've only taken me about 6 and a half or 7 hours if I'd had acess to a working sewing machine to do all the hemming. *sweatdrops* The outfit was matched to the parasol instead of the other way around! lol. I originally planned to either clean it up or recover it, but I decided that it's beautiful in it's decrepincy.

I also wore it to the EGL teaparty a little altered. Basically I was wearing Ariel that day so I couldn't be bothered changing wigs for the teaparty and I unfortunately left my skirt at my gran's (I thought it was in the bag but it wasn't... oopsie ^^;) so we got a bit of an odd thing...

This is being retired as a full costume because the skirt doesn't fit anymore and there's no way I'm gonna wear the corset again. Elements of it will be used again though.

EDIT (2010):

Actually, I did end up wearing the corset again, but upside-down and inside-out for Rhodopis and I'll probably use it for some more Steampunk, but not on its own as a support device (bra underneath = incredibly neccessary). The wig has been used for several other costumes and, unfortunately, is now a little past its best and the ringlets are coming undone due to bad storage on my part and sproinging by other cosplayers *coughAngiecough*. I will, however, be cutting and restyling it for several other costumes. The rumba knickers have come in handy both as outerwear and underneath other costumes with short skirts and on nights out; a great investment, but probably need replaced soon. The skirt is being recycled as part of my ChibiChibi Moon fuku. I used to just wear the jacket out and I'm sure I'll eventually find another use for it (probably steampunk).

Reclassified because I'm not such a noob anymore and realise this is not really EGL, but more EGA or Neo-Victorian.

Mr. Rabbit:

The overdress was made as part of a college project in 2007. The oversized pocket watch and tail were part of my stage costume when I was the White Rabbit for a local pantomime I used to be part of when I was at school. The bloomers and wig were part of my Alice costume from Auchi 06. I picked up a couple of pairs of bunny ears from Woolies shortly after Easter for like a pound each and the shoes are also from another costume. I threw it together for Japan Expo becuase I never got around to making my Ladybird outfit in time.


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