Akutabi Gamma
Zombie Powder

Cosplayer: yami-no-neko

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2010

13th August 2011: Eureka!! I think I have finally figured out a way to make the sword myself.
I've drawn some rough sketches (very rough) now I just need the time space and cash to get on with it. It's gonna mainly be made from foam board and cardboard. I just need to figure out a safe handle and what i should use for the pipes and the bottom of the sword. I'm thinking the same thing I used for my Nyoiboi, but I want to give it a highly polished chrome look, and I'm not sure how well it will take to metalic paint. last time I sprayed material like that it coroded straight through it.

Being made out of mainly foam board should make it light, which is good because with the length of it it's gonna be hard to be able to hold up anyway.

15th May 2010: got my wig my Gamma wig arrived this morning. I'm really happy with how it looks. It's not the lenght of Gamma's hair. i couldn't find nor afford one that long, but It does look like gammas hair. It has a lot of volume to it as you can probably see in the picture, but It looks pretty good. Unfortunatly this pic is a bit shoddy due to my camera being on it's death bed. I'm really glad with how this costuem is coming along. I still need to finish some bits to the coat and find the leather jacket, but hopefully it will all be done in time for this year.

25th April 2010: The trouble this has caused Finalyl i got the coat sewn up. I have had a lot of trouble with this coat. At first I had sewn the wrong part to the back and I hadn't noticed until it was too late, so I had to unsew the coat and re attach the correct bit to the back. Then I had the trouble of lining the yoke up properly. It kept going wonky. Everytime I looked at it it looked fine, so I sewed it on. Then once it was on I kept on niticing it had slipped down on one side, so I had to re sew it quite a few times. I then had trouble with the front pieces of the coat and attaching the collor. I still have to fix the collor on properly and get rid of the extra lining material tha i attached accidentily, but Finally the coat is starting to look like it should, after 2 weeks of annoyance. On reflection, i probably shouldn't have chosen a trench coat to be the first thing i ever sewed from scratch, butit's been a learning curve. I think I will use a different pattern in future, one that is less compicated.
Now my main problem is figuring out how to attach the butterfly without metling the material. It's not plastic, but it does feel like it might melt if I Iron a butterfly on to it. I am not completly satisfied with the coat, but I can always finish it once have done some of my other costumes, adn my Uni work. This coat has taken up far too much of my time.

15th April 2010: Coat Progress I finally got around to cutting out the pattern this week. I'm using a matrix coat pattern from simplicity because it is a good match for gamma's coat. It's taking a lot longer than I had first anticipated because I hadn't taken into account lining the coat too. I still have to cut out the front of the coat and the sleves, and I still have to run it through the sewing machine. but from the looks of things I should get it finished in time for Ame. As soon as the coat is done I'm gonna order the wig. I'm still not sure which wig to buy. there is a gamma wig on the net, but it is way out of my price range.

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Anonymous - 11th April 2008
Oooh! Zombie Powder! This would be interesting to see... I've been meaning to read the manga of it, actually.

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Anonymous - 9th August 2008
Oooooh Gamma, damn i'd like to see this complete.

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Anonymous - 14th July 2009
OMG I so wanna see this when this is done! <3

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SarahSaiyan - 4th October 2009
AWESOME XD we're doing a zombie powder group for mcm in may ^_^ shall be fun :D

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Ninodog - 15th March 2010
I've always had misgivings towards Bleach purely because Kubo decided to continue it in favour of Zombie Powder. Really look forward to it!

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MikeJenks - 15th March 2010
This should be EPIC

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Anonymous - 15th May 2010
Oh cool! I love Zombie Powder :D

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- - 15th November 2010
Lookin goooooooood, dramatic wind is always the best :)

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Anonymous - 15th November 2010
I wish I could have seen this in the flesh! It looks really good! :D